Fire Loss in the United States
This report contains overall statistics from the NFPA survey of fire departments on fires, civilian deaths and injuries, and property damage. Includes patterns by major property class. Includes patterns by major property class, region and community size as well as information on types of fire department calls and false alarms.

The Total Cost of Fire in the United States
Includes human and economic losses, costs of the fire service, built-in fire protection, and costs associated with the insurance industry.

Trends and Patterns of U.S. Fire Losses
Using data from the current and previous editions of the Fire Loss in the United States, this analysis shows trends in fires and associated losses over time. 

U.S. Fire Experience by Region 
Patterns and trends in the fire problem by each of the four major regions of the U.S. - northeast, midwest, south, and west. Includes differences in relative risk and in leading ignition causes. Updated unpublished report.

U.S. Unintentional Fire Death Rates by State
Using data from U.S. death certificates, this report provides an extensive review of fire death tolls and rates relative to population for all 50 states, with analyses of the role of socioeconomic and other characteristics.

Fires by Occupancy or Property Type 
A collection of tables by occupancy showing the estimated average number of fires, associated civilian deaths and civilian injuries, and direct property damage resulting from fires per year for incidents reported to local U.S. fire departments. Statistics are provided for three general groups of fires.