Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (ITM) of Fire Protection Systems: Improving the Effectiveness of Systems

Free half-day workshop open to all attendees!

Wednesday, March 4, 1-5 pm

This workshop (PDF, 125 KB) is a “bridge event” between the Suppression and Detection sessions which all SupDet registrants can attend. It is generally agreed that proper ITM activities improve the effectiveness of fire protection systems, but there have been questions raised about what constitutes proper ITM activities. Some of the questions that will be considered are: 

  • How much do current ITM requirements improve the effectiveness of fire protection systems?  Are there gaps?
  • How are ITM programs being implemented currently?  What is needed by enforcers?
  • Are additional activities, such as design evaluations or re-commissioning, warranted? 
  • On the other side, what is the cost/benefit ratio of ITM activities?  Is there a technical basis for the required frequencies?  

The goal of this workshop is to establish a research plan on the topic of ITM and fire protection system effectiveness. Download the agenda. (PDF, 125 KB)