Mobile integrated healthcare

The NFPA Technical Committee on Emergency Medical Services (EMS-AAA) convened a national emergency medical services (EMS) stakeholders meeting in April 2014 to discuss the subject of Mobile Integrated Healthcare/Community Paramedicine (MIH/CP). Previously, the EMS Technical Committee had reviewed a new project request for a MIH/CP document, though that request was later administratively withdrawn. The entire EMS Technical Committee worked to develop that new project request which was submitted individually by Dr. David Tan, representing the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) in late 2011. Since submittal of the proposal by Dr. Tan there have been many changes to the delivery of healthcare, including the delivery of EMS.

These reforms compelled the EMS Technical Committee to organize a meeting for stakeholders to garner input from a broad group of healthcare professionals and to discuss the possibility for a new request on MIH/CP. The meeting afforded the opportunity to not only learn the opinions of prominent national EMS and healthcare professionals, but also to discuss how the NFPA could assist the community of actors involved in MIH/CP.

Download the report from the national stakeholder meeting (PDF, 6 MB) on mobile integrated healthcare and community paramedicine.

Research Foundation report

The main objectives of this Research Foundation project included identifying where mobile integrated healthcare and community paramedicine (MIH & CP) is used in the USA, determine what information is available from those communities, and produce a report to help the NFPA Technical Committee (TC) on Emergency Medical Services (EMS-AAA) develop a document relating to firebased MIH & CP systems. The final report was released in May 2016.

Video: The primary purpose of MIH/CP is to provide more healthcare services directly on location, reducing hospital trips. This video and corresponding infographic (below) outlines the history and NFPA response to these developments.