Firewise actions today equal positive outcomes tomorrow. Take our quiz and test your knowledge about staying safe from wildfire.

To live less dangerously from wildfire, we need to Act on our plans. Firefighters, residents, outdoor recreation enthusiasts and others all have a valuable part to play.

Community residents
Activities around the home and making connections with neighbors help to build preparedness in the face of a common threat.
This short video demonstrates how Rapid City, South Dakota, resident Judy Allen made Firewise changes to her home and landscape with help from the city’s fire department and its Survivable Space Initiative. Check it out to see how you can take action to prepare your own home to survive a wildfire.
Wildland firefighters

Wildland firefighters have a dangerous job, and trends show that larger, more damaging fires are becoming the new normal. But they, too, can Act ahead of time to live less dangerously from wildfire.

Firefighters can influence NFPA’s many standards that directly impact the way they do their jobs every day. Participating in the new campaign, “NFPA Standards in Action: Your Voice Matters,” can help ensure that NFPA’s standards fully reflect firefighter needs and perspectives.

Before the Smoke! is aimed at small and volunteer fire departments in the WUI.

More firefighter resources

These resources provide information about how fire departments can more effectively work with residents. By sharing their expertise and providing action steps, firefighters can help homeowners better prepare their houses and property before a wildfire event. 

Homeowners and insurance

You can also Act to be financially prepared in the case of wildfire damage, or any other property damage or loss.

  • Make sure you’re covered by obtaining the best property insurance you can afford. Speak with your insurance agent about replacement cost coverage.
  • Make sure you know your stuff by taking a home inventory of your furnishings and possessions. Seems like a difficult task? Well, there’s an app for that! (Android or iPhone). Also check out State Farm’s inventory checklist.
  • Create a family evacuation plan and practice it!

Video: Two families take the Ten Minute Challenge to see if they can evacuate their home.

Outdoor Recreation - Know before you go

Act to be safer on your next outdoor vacation or day trip.  Know the following before you go:

Outdoor Blueprint has some information on all things outdoors, including preparing for wildfire. Watch Texas A&M Forest Service's video below and see how fast a wildfire can travel. Also, get safety tips if you are a recreational shooter in wildfire country.

Video: See how fast wildfire spreads - Texas Parks and Wildlife

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