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Alternative Fuel Vehicles Safety Training

Tools and information for firefighters and other emergency responders to safely handle emergencies involving alternative fuel vehicles

Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV) Safety Training Program

NFPA has created free online training to help first and second responders prepare for the growing number of electric, hybrid, fuel cell, and gaseous fuel vehicles on the road and at refueling and charging stations.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) and Electric Vehicle (EV) incidents include crashes and on-scene fatalities or injuries to emergency responders and vehicle occupants, and the possibility of property damage and post‐incident injury or death to investigators and tow and salvage personnel. Other dangers include stranded energy, unexpected silent movement, toxic and flammable gases from damaged high voltage batteries, thermal runaway, battery fires, electric shock through exposed high voltage wires and components, and charging station events.

NFPA's free online training, offered to the U.S. fire service, uses video, animation, simulation, data review questions, scenario rooms, and 3D interactive environments. The training is fully customizable, allowing users select the content they want to learn, and the Learning Management System allows the training to be started and stopped at any time.

Emergency Response Guides

NFPA maintains a collection of Emergency Response Guides from more than 30 hybrid and electric vehicle manufacturers. The guides are free to download.