Webinars - Wildfire Urban Evacuation Modeling

Wednesday, September 27, 12:30-2:00 pm ET

Wildfire Urban Evacuation Modeling
Steven Gwynne, National Research Council Canada

Presenters: Steven Gwynne, National Research Council Canada, Guillermo Rein, Imperial College London, Enrico Ronchi, Lund University

Large wildfires in wildland‐urban interfaces (WUI) are associated with severe negative consequences including massive community evacuation, property losses, damage to infrastructure, injuries, and in some instances even fatalities. This webinar will address a review of simulation tools and conceptualize a framework that can forecast the progress of a WUI incident and the effectiveness of pedestrian and traffic responses, according to the time and information available, incident scale, model capabilities and resources available.

Who will benefit: Provides technical data to help emergency responders, educators, community planners, incident commanders.

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