NFPA President James M. Shannon

 James M. Shannon

James M. Shannon was named NFPA President and Chief Executive Officer in 2002. A former NFPA Senior Vice President and General Counsel (1991-2002), Mr. Shannon has launched several key NFPA initiatives, including:

Prior to his work at NFPA, Mr. Shannon was known as a consumer and civil rights advocate as Massachusetts Attorney General (1987-1991). He was a senior partner in the Boston offices of Hale & Dorr (1985-1987) and was a member of the United States House of Representatives (1979-1985) where he served on the Ways and Means Committee. Mr. Shannon earned his BA degree at Johns Hopkins University and his JD at George Washington University School of Law. For more information about Mr. Shannon,  contact NFPA's Public Affairs office, +1 617 984-7275.

Watch Mr. Shannon's Remarks: 2012 NFPA Conference & Expo
NFPA has been working for 116 years to reduce the threat of fire. Throughout our history, we have worked constantly to meet the fire and life safety challenges of the times. Our impact is felt around the globe.

In our founding years, our main concern was the need to standardize sprinkler installation and that very first NFPA standard – which is now called NFPA 13 is still one of our most important activities. Our system of bringing experts together to develop standards worked and we followed the same approach for all of our other codes and standards, the National Electrical Code, the Life Safety Code, the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code and all of the others which have made such a difference in safety.

But NFPA is not just a fire safety organization although we are very proud of that legacy; we are also one of a handful of private organizations whose main purpose is to develop the health and safety standards on which millions and millions of people depend and we do that through one of the earliest and most successful public/private partnerships. Developing codes and standards to be used by industry and adopted into law by government is at the heart of everything we do.

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