Regulations governing NFPA sections


Section 1.  Appointment.

1-1  Appointment of Members and their Tenure.

NFPA Representatives to other organizations shall be appointed by the President, who may seek the recommendation of the Board of Directors and/or the Standards Council concerning the appointment of such representatives.

All such appointments are subject to annual review and reappointment by the President and those members who exhibit lack of interest, knowledge, or responsibility shall not be reappointed and may be removed for the stated causes at any time.

Representation to another organization shall not in and of itself constitute an endorsement of the organization or of any document developed by the organization.

Section 2.  Qualification.

2-1  Membership Qualifications.

Each candidate shall submit statements to the President indicating the following:

(a) Evidence of knowledge and competence in the work of the other organization;

(b) Assurance of ability to participate actively in the work of the other organization including responding to correspondence and attendance at meetings;

(c) What person or organization would fund participation;

(d) Agreement to notify the President of a change in status including employment, or funding source.

2-2  Selection.

Selection and appointment shall be based on the qualifications of the applicant under the provisions of 2-1.

The person selected shall be familiar with the standards of the National Fire Protection Association, if any, which impinge on the activities of the other organization.  The person should preferably be a member of an NFPA Committee having parallel or related interests or a member of the NFPA Staff. 

Section 3.  Authority and Responsibilities.

3-1  Authority and Responsibilities.

Following appointment, each NFPA representative to other organizations shall advance, insofar as possible, the objectives of the National Fire Protection Association to promote the science and improve the methods of fire protection, fire prevention, electrical safety, and other safety related goals and shall advance the policies of the Association as expressed in its Codes and Standards.  If questions of policy or technical issues arise in which the NFPA representative feels the need for additional guidance, assistance shall be sought through the NFPA Executive Office, the Secretary of the Standards Council, or the staff liaison for the NFPA Committee whose scope encompasses the subject.

In some cases, the scope of the activities of the other organization may be of such significance that the President may, at his discretion, appoint an advisory group to provide guidance and assistance to the NFPA Representative.  In such cases, the NFPA Representative shall keep the advisory group fully informed of all issues and must secure direction from the advisory group prior to expressing an NFPA position.

Any proposed actions that are contrary to Association policy as expressed in its codes and standards shall be reported immediately to the NFPA Executive Office or the Secretary of the Standards Council for communication to any affected NFPA Committees, Sections, and others as appropriate.

Final actions of other organizations cannot be approved or disapproved by an NFPA representative until they have been cleared with the NFPA Executive Office or any NFPA Committee(s) whose scope encompasses the subject.  NFPA Committee clearance shall be processed through the Secretary of the Standards Council.  It is possible some questions may have to be referred to the NFPA Board of Directors or the Standards Council for decision.

3-2  Reporting of Final Actions.

Approval or disapproval of any final or critical actions of other organizations by the NFPA representative shall be reported to the NFPA Executive Office or the Secretary of the Standards Council so that such actions can be communicated, if appropriate, to any affected NFPA Committees, Sections, or the entire membership of the National Fire Protection Association.  This reporting is for the purpose of assuring that all interested and concerned NFPA members and Committee members can be kept properly informed of activities in which the Association is participating.

American National Standards Institute, Inc.

NFPA is a member of the American National Standards Institute, Inc. (ANSI). ANSI, a private, nonprofit organization founded in 1918, is the coordinator of voluntary standards activities in the United States and the agency that approves standards as American National Standards. ANSI is also the coordinator and manager of U.S. participation in the work of nongovernmental international standards organizations.

As national coordinator, ANSI assists organizations involved in standards development to reach agreement on needs for codes and standards, establish priorities, plan to meet identified needs, and avoid duplication of effort. ANSI also offers codes- and standards-developing organizations a neutral forum for resolving differences and provides procedures and services to help them use their resources effectively.

An Executive Standards Council, standards boards, forums, special panels, and committees help those involved coordinate their objectives.

Effective national coordination requires competent, voluntary cooperation from all sectors. ANSI enlists this type of cooperation — a federation of the standards competence existing in technical, trade, professional, labor, and consumer organizations, government agencies, and commerce and industry. These groups cooperate with ANSI to reach agreement on standards needs and priorities and to resolve differences that may arise; they also voluntarily submit standards to ANSI for approval.

ANSI approves standards as American National Standards when it is satisfied that its consensus and due process requirements have been met.

For each standard, ANSI’s Board of Standards Review (BSR) evaluates evidence submitted by codes- and standards-developing groups that those groups directly and materially affected by the approval reach substantial agreement —  consensus — on the standard’s provisions. The BSR also assesses evidence that the code or standard was developed under an open process that gave the affected interest groups an opportunity to express their views and that all comments were carefully considered. If the BSR is satisfied, it takes action on approval.

ANSI is the coordinator and manager of U.S. participation in the activities of certain nongovernmental international standards development bodies that operate through national representation — the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Through ANSI, NFPA and its U.S. members and constituents, as well as other U.S interests, are able to influence the development of ISO and IEC standards.

NFPA acts in a variety of ways in cooperation with ANSI. NFPA’s participation in the various activities of ANSI is as follows:

  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Chair, Arthur E. Cote (NFPA representative)
  • NATIONAL POLICY COMMITTEE: Robert J. Vondrasek (NFPA staff)
  • ORGANIZATION MEMBER FORUM: Robert J. Vondrasek (NFPA staff)
  • APPEALS BOARD: Maureen Brodoff (NFPA staff)

ANSI Accredited Committee Projects Served by NFPA Representatives

ANSI/OSHA Coordinating Committee   David Trebisacci (NFPA staff)

ANSI ISO Council (AIC)   Richard P. Bielen, Robert J. Vondrasek (alternate) (NFPA staff)

Architectural Features and Site Design of Public Buildings and Residential Structures for Persons with Disabilities ANSI/ICC Project A117.1 Sponsor: International Code Council, Allan Fraser, Ron Coté (NFPA staff)

Committee on Leakage Current for Electrical Appliances ANSI Project C101 Sponsor: Underwriters Laboratories Inc., Paul Lawrenz (Kelvinator Division, American Motors Corp., 14250 Plymouth Road, Detroit, MI 48232) (NFPA representative)

Ground Ladders ANSI Project A14 Sponsor: Samuel C. Cramer (Aluminum Ladder Co., P.O. Box 5329, Florence, SC 29502), Ronald Bennett (alternate) (Aluminum Ladder Co.) (NFPA representatives)

Procurement Standards, Gas Turbines ANSI Project B133 Sponsor: Leonard Hathaway (M & M Protection Consultants, 3400 Georgia Pacific Center, 133 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA) (NFPA representative)

Respiratory Protection ANSI Project Z88 Sponsor: Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, David Trebisacci (NFPA staff)

Safety Requirements for Confined Spaces ANSI Project Z117 Sponsor: American Society of Safety Engineers, Guy R. Colonna (NFPA staff)

Safety Requirements for Workplace Floor and Wall Openings, Stairs, and Railing Systems ANSI Project A1264 Sponsor: American Society of Safety Engineers, Ron Coté (NFPA staff)

Other Organizations

American Boat and Yacht Council Guy R. Colonna (NFPA staff)

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Safety and Health Division, Loss Prevention Programming Committee: Robert P. Benedetti (NFPA staff)

American Petroleum Institute Safety and Fire Protection Subcommittee: Robert P. Benedetti (NFPA staff)

American Society for Testing and Materials; Committee on Hazard Potential of Chemicals (E-27), Subcommittee 01 Terminology: Robert P. Benedetti (NFPA staff); Subcommittee 04 Flammability and Ignitibility: Robert P. Benedetti (NFPA staff); Committee on Fire Standards (E-5): John R. Hall, Jr. (principal) (NFPA staff) Vacant (alternate) (NFPA staff); Committee on Color and Appearance (E12): Robert E. Solomon (NFPA staff); Committee on Consumer Products (F15): Robert E. Solomon (NFPA staff); Committee on Detention and Correction Facilities (F33): Ron Coté (NFPA staff); Committee on Performance of Buildings (E-06): John R. Hall, Jr., Robert E. Solomon (NFPA staff); Committee on Homeland Security (E-54): David Trebisacci (NFPA staff); Committee on Sustainability (E-60): John R. Hall, Jr. (NFPA staff)

American Society of Civil Engineers Blast Protection of Buildings Standards Committee:  Kristin Collette (NFPA staff)

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. Standards Committee: Allan Fraser (NFPA Staff); SSPC 90.1, Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings: Allan Fraser (NFPA staff); SSPC 90.1 Format and Compliance Subcommittee: Allan Fraser (NFPA staff); SSPC 90.2, Energy Efficient Design of New Low-Rise Residential Buildings:  Allan Fraser (NFPA staff);  SPLS Subcommittee of ASHRAE Standards Committee: Allan Fraser (NFPA staff); ASHRAE Homeland Security Ad Hoc Committee, ASHRAE Guideline 29P, Guideline for Risk Management of Public Health and Safety in Buildings: Richard P. Bielen (NFPA staff)

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Elevator and Escalator Code Coordination Committee (A17): Ron Coté (NFPA staff); Elevator and Escalator Emergency Operations Committee: Lee F. Richardson and Richard J. Roux (NFPA staff); B31.12 Code for Hydrogen Pipelines and Piping: Paul E. May (NFPA staff); Committee on Powered Industrial Trucks (B56): Richard E. Munson (Hockessin, DE 19707); Committee on Steel Smoke Stacks: Joseph F. Schulz (Van-Packer Products Co., 6th Street and Bay Avenue, Beach Haven, NJ 08008), Richard L. Stone (alternate) (Wallace Murray Corp., P.O. Box 137, Belmont, CA 94002)

American Water Works Association Committee on Fire Protection: Richard Bielen (NFPA staff); Committee on Cross-Connections: Richard Bielen (NFPA staff)

Building Security Council — Advisory Council, Robert E. Solomon (NFPA staff)

Commission Fire Accreditation International:  Kenneth Willette (NFPA staff)

Congressional Fire Services Institute National Advisory Committee: Nancy McNabb (NFPA staff); Working Group: Nancy McNabb (NFPA staff)

Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat:  Robert E. Solomon (NFPA staff)

Electrical Safety Foundation International: vacant (NFPA staff)

Fire Detection Institute: vacant (NFPA staff)

Healthcare Interpretations Task Force: Robert E. Solomon (Chair), Gregory E. Harrington (NFPA staff)

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. Arc Flash Research Project: Mark W. Earley, Robert J. Vondrasek (NFPA staff)

Interagency Advisory Board: David Trebisacci, Robert J. Vondrasek (NFPA staff)

Intertek Testing Services/ETL Testing Laboratories Safety Council: Mark W. Earley (NFPA staff)

International Association of Electrical Inspectors Global Affairs Committee: Mark W. Earley (NFPA staff)

International Association of Fire Chiefs Operation Life Safety Advisory Committee: Nancy McNabb (NFPA staff)

International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials: Denise Beach (NFPA staff)

International Code Council Industry Advisory Committee: Nancy McNabb (NFPA staff)

International Fire Service Training Association Kenneth Willette (NFPA staff)

International Liquid Terminals Association: Robert P. Benedetti (NFPA staff)

International Tunneling Association: vacant (NFPA staff)

The Joint Commission Committee on Health Care Safety: Robert E. Solomon, Gregory E. Harrington (NFPA staff)

National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards: Robert J. Vondrasek, Gary S. Keith, Robert E. Solomon, Ray Bizal (NFPA staff)

National Fire Information Council: Marty Ahrens (NFPA staff)

National Institute of Building Sciences: Gary S. Keith, Robert J. Vondrasek (NFPA staff); Multihazard Mitigation Council: Gregory E. Harrington, (NFPA staff); MMC Committee on Building Official Guidebook: Allan Fraser (NFPA staff), Eugene Novak, MA

National Petrochemical and Refiners Association Fire and Accident Prevention Committee: Robert P. Benedetti (NFPA staff)

National Propane Gas Association Technology and Standards Committee: Denise Beach (NFPA staff)

National Safe Boating Council: Guy R. Colonna (NFPA staff)

National SAFE KIDS Campaign: Judy Comoletti (NFPA staff)

National Safety Council Marine Section: Guy R. Colonna, Lawrence B. Russell (NFPA staff)

National Volunteer Fire Council: Kenneth Willette (NFPA staff)

North American Fire Training Directors: Kenneth Willette (NFPA staff)

Fire Safety Council: Sharon Gamache, John R. Hall, Jr. (NFPA staff)

Society of Fire Protection Engineers: Vacant

Standards Engineering Society: Vacant

The Infrastructure Security Partnership (TISP): Robert E. Solomon (NFPA staff)

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Standards Technical Panels: STP 30, 58, 80, 142, 296, 525, 584, 1275: Robert P. Benedetti (NFPA staff); STP 205, 205A, 674, 687, 2044: Richard P. Bielen (NFPA staff); Industrial Advisory Group for Smoke Detection on Recreational Boats: Guy R. Colonna (NFPA staff); STP 924: Ron Coté (NFPA staff); STP 1994: Ron Coté (NFPA staff); STP 580:  Vacant (NFPA staff); Corporate Member: Christian Dubay (NFPA staff); Electrical Council: Mark W. Earley (NFPA staff); STP 488: vacant (NFPA staff); STP 263: Vacant; STP 48, 50, 62, 83, 153, 174, 183, 347, 355, 410, 414, 458, 508, 508A, 508C, 651, 719, 763, 1699, 1703, 1740, 1741: STP 103, 197, 558:  Richard P. Bielen (NFPA staff); STP 199:  Richard P. Bielen (NFPA staff); Appeals Panel: Vacant (NFPA staff); STP 464, 466, 1863: Richard J. Roux (NFPA staff); STP 217, 833, 834, 840, 2034, 2085, 2157, 2161, 2231: Lee Richardson (NFPA staff); STP 4, 5, 6, 13, 20, 22, 248, 250, 310, 489, 498, 514A, 514B, 514C, 515, 551, 647, 913, 1002, 1004, 1005, 1017, 1018, 1020, 1026, 1028, 1030, 1042, 1047, 1053, 1054, 1059, 1007, 1081, 1086, 1092, 1123, 1203, 1206, 1411, 1412, 1413, 1414, 1416, 1418, 1419, 1429, 1431, 1434, 1441, 1446, 1563, 1565, 1573, 1574, 1594, 1598, 1636, 1640, 1642, 1647, 1682, 1693, 1795, 2279, 3101, 3111, 6500: Jeffrey S. Sargent (NFPA staff); Fire Council: Robert E. Solomon (NFPA staff)

U.S. Department of Energy Technical Standards: Richard P. Bielen (NFPA staff)

U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development “Path” Project: Allan B. Fraser (NFPA staff); Federal Advisory Committee for Manufactured Housing:  Robert E. Solomon (NFPA staff)

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee: Lawrence B. Russell (NFPA staff); Technical Pipeline Safety Standards Committee: Vacant (NFPA staff)

U.S. Edison Electric Institute Fire Protection Committee Advisory Task Force Group:  Richard P. Bielen (NFPA staff)

U.S. World Standards Day: Nancy McNabb (NFPA staff)

Western Fire Chiefs Association: Raymond B. Bizal (NFPA staff)

International Activities

Canadian Standards Association Canadian Electrical Code Committee (Part 1): Mark W. Earley (NFPA staff); Z462 Workplace Electrical Safety Technical Committee: Jeffrey S. Sargent (NFPA Staff)

Conference of Fire Protection Associations-I (CFPA-I) Chair, Benoit Clair, France; Vice Chair, Steven Ooi,Malaysia; Treasurer, Hubert Ruegg, Switzerland; Director, Peter Johansen, Denmark; Director, Gary S. Keith, USA; Director, Hatem Kheir Egypt; Director, Sun Lun, China; Administrator, Christine Ellis USA (NFPA staff)

International Association for Fire Safety Science: John R. Hall, Jr., Rita F. Fahy (NFPA staff)

International Electrotechnical Commission U.S. National Committee of IEC (Council): Mark W. Earley (NFPA staff); (IEC/TC44) Safety of Machinery: Mark W. Earley (NFPA staff); (IEC/TC64) Electrical Installations of Buildings: Mark W. Earley (NFPA staff); (IEC/TC79) Alarm Systems: Mark Earley (NFPA staff)

International Organization for Standardization U.S. Technical Advisory Group (ISO/TC21): (ISO/TC21/WG3) Flame Arresters: Robert P. Benedetti (NFPA staff); (ISO/TC21/SC2) Manually Transportable Fire Extinguishers: Richard P. Bielen (NFPA staff); (ISO/TC21/SC3) Fire Detection and Alarm Systems: Lee F. Richardson (NFPA staff); (ISO/TC21/SC5) Sprinkler and Water Spray Extinguishing Systems:  Richard P. Bielen (NFPA staff); (ISO/TC21/SC6) Extinguishing Media for Fire Fighting (Foam): Barry Chase (NFPA staff); (ISO/TC21/SC8) Gaseous Media Fire Extinguishing Systems:  Richard P. Bielen (NFPA staff); (ISO/TC92/SC4) Fire Safety Engineering: Rita F. Fahy, Assigned Expert, WG11 (NFPA staff), John R. Hall, Jr., Convenor, WG10 (NFPA staff); (ISO/TC94/SC13) Protective Clothing and Equipment: David Trebisacci (NFPA staff); (ISO/TC94/SC14) Fire-fighters’ Personal Equipment: David Trebisacci (NFPA staff); (ISO/TC223) Societal Security: David Trebisacci (NFPA staff)

International Technical Committee for the Prevention and Extinction of Fire (CTIF) :Russell E. Sanders, (NFPA staff)

Pan American Standards Commission (COPANT): Olga Caledonia (NFPA staff)

World Organization of Building Officials President, Imad Eldurubi, Jordan; Vice President, David Gibson, United Kingdom; Secretary/Treasurer, Robert E. Solomon (NFPA staff); Administrator, Rachel Abrams (NFPA staff)