NFPA 498: Standard for Safe Havens and Interchange Lots for Vehicles Transporting Explosives
Current Edition: 2013 Next Edition: 2018

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What is NFPA 498?
NFPA 498: Document Scope
1.1.1 This standard shall apply to safe havens that are used for the parking of vehicles transporting explosives and to explosives interchange lots that are safe areas where less-than-truckloads of explosives shall be permitted to be held for transfer from one vehicle to another for continuance in transportation. 1.1.2 All vehicles covered by this standard shall be required to be engaged in the transportation of explosives and shall carry shipping papers to show that the explosives being transported are properly described, classified, identified, packaged, and labeled in accordance with regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation. Additionally, all vehicles shall be required to be marked and placarded in accordance with regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation. 1.1.3 This standard shall apply to the design and operating features of explosives motor vehicle facilities related to the prevention of fire, theft, and explosion. 1.1.4* This standard shall not apply to motor freight terminals for vehicles handling general freight. 1.1.5 The requirements of NFPA 513, Standard for Motor Freight Terminals, shall apply to explosives motor vehicle facilities where they are applicable and are not covered by this standard.
This standard presents design and operation requirements to prevent fires, theft, and explosion within safe havens used for short-term parking of vehicles transporting explosive materials, and for explosives interchange lots where less-than-truckloads of explosives are permitted to be held for transfer from one vehicle to another for continued transportation. Official document scope
What does NFPA 498 address?
Provisions cover fire protection equipment, vehicle parking, control of ignition sources, security against trespassers, employee training, notification of authority having jurisdiction, and temporary holding facilities. Table of Contents

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