NFPA 790: Standard for Competency of Third-Party Field Evaluation Bodies
Current Edition: 2014 Next Edition: 2018

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NFPA 790:
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What is NFPA 790?
NFPA 790: Document Scope
1.1 Scope. 1.1.1 Establishing Competence. The provisions of this standard shall address requirements for the qualification and competency of a body performing field evaluations on electrical products and assemblies with electrical components.
Installed electrical equipment that has not been previously certified, listed, recognized, or classified undergo a "field evaluation" to ensure compliance. This standard provides qualifications and competencies for third parties performing field evaluations and specifies how they are to be completed. Official document scope
What does NFPA 790 address?
Provisions cover field evaluation body (FEB) application for recognition; FEB organization; FEB personnel; appeals, complaints, and disputes; application for evaluation; preparation for evaluation; evaluation; evaluation report; decision to issue an FEB statement of conformity; use of FEB statement of conformity; and test and measuring equipment.Table Of Contents.
NFPA 790, 2014 Edition: Archived Revision Information
First Draft (previously Report on Proposals (ROP))
First Draft Meeting Notices (previously ROP Meeting Notices)
First Draft Meeting Agendas (previously ROP Meeting Agendas)
First Draft Meeting Minutes (previously ROP Meeting Minutes)
First Draft Ballot (previously ROP Ballot)
Public Input Responses (PDF, 131 KB)
Second Draft (previously Report on Comments (ROC))
Consent Document Notice (PDF, 122 KB)
NFPA 790 did not receive any comments and the committee determined, through a Second Draft meeting, that no further revisions are necessary. Therefore, NFPA 790 shall be forwarded directly to the Standards Council for action in accordance with Section 4.7 (see also and Anyone wishing to appeal the issuance of NFPA 790 can do so by June 21, 2013 to the Secretary, Standards Council.
Second Draft Meeting Notices (previously ROC Meeting Notices)
Second Draft Meeting Agendas (previously ROC Meeting Agendas)
Second Draft Meeting Minutes (previously ROC Meeting Minutes)
Motions Committee Report (NITMAM)
Motions Committee Report (NITMAM)
Proposed NFPA documents will be presented for action at the applicable Annual (June) Association Technical Meeting only when proper Amending Motions (Notice of Intent to Make a Motion - NITMAM) have been certified by the Motions Committee of the Standards Council as a proper amending motion. Documents that receive no motions will not be presented at the meeting and instead will be forwarded directly to the NFPA Standards Council for action on issuance. More about the codes and standards making process including NITMAM.
Association Technical Meeting
Consent document not presented at Association Technical Meeting. Document issuance: 7/5/2013
Archived revision information
NFPA 790, 2014 Edition: Archived Revision Information
View archived proposals, comments and other records related to the development of this edition.
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