NFPA 1901 Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus 2009 Edition

Chapter 1 Administration
Chapter 2 Referenced Publications
Chapter 3 Definitions
Chapter 4 General Requirements
Chapter 5 Pumper Fire Apparatus
Chapter 6 Initial Attack Fire Apparatus
Chapter 7 Mobile Water Supply Fire Apparatus
Chapter 8 Aerial Fire Apparatus
Chapter 9 Quint Fire Apparatus
Chapter 10 Special Service Fire Apparatus
Chapter 11 Mobile Foam Fire Apparatus
Chapter 12 Chassis and Vehicle Components
Chapter 13 Low Voltage Electrical Systems and Warning Devices
Chapter 14 Driving and Crew Areas
Chapter 15 Body, Compartments, and Equipment Mounting
Chapter 16 Fire Pumps and Associated Equipment
Chapter 17 Auxiliary Pumps and Associated Equipment
Chapter 18 Water Tanks
Chapter 19 Aerial Devices
Chapter 20 Foam Proportioning Systems
Chapter 21 Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS)
Chapter 22 Line Voltage Electrical Systems
Chapter 23 Command and Communications
Chapter 24 Air Systems
Chapter 25 Winches
Chapter 26 Trailers
Annex A Explanatory Material
Annex B Specifying and Procuring Fire Apparatus
Annex C Weights and Dimensions for Common Equipment
Annex D Guidelines for First-Line and Reserve Fire Apparatus
Annex E History of NFPA 1901
Annex F Informational References
Tentative Interim Amendment