NFPA 77 Recommended Practice on Static Electricity 2007 Edition

Chapter 1 Administration
Chapter 2 Referenced Publications
Chapter 3 Definitions
Chapter 4 Units and Symbols of Measure
Chapter 5 Fundamentals of Static Electricity
Chapter 6 Evaluating Static Electricity Hazards
Chapter 7 Control of Static Electricity Hazards
Chapter 8 Flammable and Combustible Liquids and Their Vapors
Chapter 9 Powders and Dusts
Chapter 10 Specific Applications
Annex A Explanatory Material
Annex B Physical Characteristics of Materials
Annex C Additional Information on Flash Point
Annex D Additional Information on Vapor Pressure
Annex E Additional Information on Charge Relaxation
Annex F Additional Information on Conductivity
Annex G Recommended Means for Providing Bonding and Grounding
Annex H Glossary of Terms
Annex I Informational References