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Fire Protection Handbook®, 2008 Edition

Fire Protection Handbook, 2008 Edition
Item # FPH2008
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Section 1 Safety in the Built Environment

1.1 Challenges to Safety in the Built Environment John R. Hall, Jr., and Erin R. Twomey

1.2 Fundamentals of Structurally Safe Building Design Bonnie E. Manley

1.3 Codes and Standards for the Built Environment Arthur E. Cote and Casey C. Grant

1.4 Legal Issues for the Designer and Enforcer Arthur E. Schwartz

1.5 Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement Ronald R. Farr and Steven F. Sawyer

1.6 Premises Security Lauris V. Freidenfelds

1.7 Protecting Against Extreme Events Brian J. Meacham and Carl Galioto

1.8 Emergency Management and Business Continuity Donald L. Schmidt

1.9 Systems Approach to Fire-Safe Building Design John M. Watts, Jr.

Section 2 Basics of Fire and Fire Science

2.1 Physics and Chemistry of Fire Dougal Drysdale

2.2 Physics of Fire Configuration Ronald L. Alpert

2.3 Flammability Hazard of Materials Daniel Madrzykowski and David W. Stroup

2.4 Dynamics of Compartment Fire Growth Richard L. P. Custer

2.5 Basics of Fire Containment Marc L. Janssens

2.6 Fundamentals of Fire Detection Richard L. P. Custer and James A. Milke

2.7 Theory of Fire Extinguishment Hong-Zeng Yu and Jeffrey S. Newman

2.8 Explosions Robert Zalosh

Section 3 Information and Analysis for Fire Protection

3.1 An Overview of the Fire Problem and Fire Protection John R. Hall, Jr., and Arthur E. Cote

3.2 Fire Loss Investigation Richard L. P. Custer and David T. Sheppard

3.3 Fire Data Collection and Databases Marty Ahrens and Stan Stewart

3.4 Use of Fire Incident Data and Statistics Marty Ahrens, Patricia Frazier, and Gayle Kelch

3.5 Introduction to Fire Modeling Craig L. Beyler, Philip J. DiNenno, Douglas J. Carpenter, and John M. Watts, Jr.

3.6 Applying Models to Fire Protection Engineering Problems and Fire Investigations Richard L. P. Custer, David T. Sheppard, and Christopher B. Wood

3.7 Fire Hazard Analysis Techniques Morgan J. Hurley and Richard W. Bukowski

3.8 Fire Risk Analysis John R. Hall, Jr., and John M. Watts, Jr.

3.9 Closed Form Enclosure Fire Calculations Edward K. Budnick, Sean P. Hunt, and Mark T. Wright

3.10 Performance-Based Codes and Standards for Fire Safety Milosh T. Puchovsky and Morgan J. Hurley

3.11 Overview of Performance-Based Fire Protection Design Frederick W. Mowrer and Eric R. Rosenbaum

Section 4 Human Factors in Emergencies

4.1 Human Behavior and Fire John L. Bryan

4.2 Calculation Methods for Egress Prediction Rita F. Fahy

4.3 Concepts of Egress Design James K. Lathrop

4.4 Techniques of Crowd Management John J. Fruin

4.5 Strategies for Occupant Evacuation During Emergencies Daniel J. O’Connor and Bert Cohn

Section 5 Fire and Life Safety Education

5.1 Principles and Techniques of Fire and Life Safety Education Edward Kirtley

5.2 Fire and Life Safety Education Messages Ernest Grant and Rodney Eksteen

5.3 Disaster Preparedness Education Gerri Penney

5.4 Media’s Role in Fire and Life Safety Education Robin J. Adair

5.5 Reaching High-Risk Groups Sharon Gamache

5.6 Juvenile Firesetting Paul Schwartzman

5.7 Using Data for Public Education Planning and Decision Making John R. Hall, Jr.

5.8 Evaluation Techniques for Fire and Life Safety Education John R. Hall, Jr., and Michael W. Weller

Section 6 Characteristics of Materials and Products

6.1 Fire Hazards of Materials Robert P. Benedetti

6.2 Combustion Products and Their Effects on Life Safety Richard G. Gann and Nelson P. Bryner

6.3 Concepts and Protocols of Fire Testing Marcelo M. Hirschler

6.4 Wood and Wood-Based Products John M. Cholin

6.5 Fibers and Textiles Jeffrey O. Stull and Salvatore A. Chines

6.6 Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses Vytenis Babrauskas

6.7 Fire-Retardant and Flame-Resistant Treatment of Cellulosic Materials James R. Shaw

6.8 Dusts Richard F. Schwab

6.9 Metals Tom Christman

6.10 Gases Theodore C. Lemoff

6.11 Medical Gases Mark Allen

6.12 Flammable and Combustible Liquids Orville M. Slye, Jr.

6.13 Polymeric Materials Robert P. Benedetti and Guy R. Colonna

6.14 Pesticides in the Workplace Fred Whitford

6.15 Explosives and Blasting Agents Lon D. Santis

6.16 Manufacture and Storage of Aerosol Products David L. Fredrickson

6.17 Tables and Charts Vytenis Babrauskas

Section 7 Storage and Handling of Materials

7.1 Storage and Handling of Solid Fuels Kenneth W. Dungan

7.2 Storage of Flammable and Combustible Liquids Anthony M. Ordile

7.3 Storage of Gases Theodore C. Lemoff and Carl H. Rivkin

7.4 Storage and Handling of Chemicals John A. Davenport

7.5 Hazardous Waste Control Paul R. Severson

Section 8 Special Equipment

8.1 Air-Moving Equipment Jane I. Lataille

8.2 Chemical Processing Equipment Richard F. Schwab

8.3 Materials-Handling Equipment John K. Bouchard

8.4 Automated Equipment L. Jeffrey Mattern

8.5 Lasers Fred P. Seeber

8.6 Protection of Electronic Equipment Brian P. Rawson

8.7 Heat Transfer Systems and Fluids John A. LeBlanc

8.8 Industrial and Commercial Heat Utilization Equipment Raymond Ostrowski

8.9 Oil Quenching and Molten Salt Baths Raymond Ostrowski

8.10 Stationary Combustion Engines and Fuel Cells James B. Biggins

8.11 Fluid Power Systems Paul K. Schacht

8.12 Refrigeration Systems Henry L. Febo, Jr.

8.13 Electrical Systems and Appliances Robert M. Milatovich

Section 9 Processes and Facilities

9.1 Woodworking Facilities and Processes John M. Cholin

9.2 Spray Finishing and Powder Coating Don R. Scarbrough

9.3 Dipping and Coating Processes John Katunar III

9.4 Plastics Industry and Related Process Hazards George Ouellette

9.5 Metalworking Processes Paul G. Dobbs

9.6 Welding, Cutting, and Other Hot Work August F. Manz and Mark E. Blank

9.7 Storage and Handling of Grain Mill Products James E. Maness and Lee M. Sargent

9.8 Protection of Records James A. Beals

9.9 Semiconductor Manufacturing Vinnie DeGiorgio and Heron Peterkin

9.10 Oilseed Solvent Extraction Plants C. Louis Kingsbaker

9.11 Protection of Wastewater Treatment Plants James F. Wheeler

9.12 Fire Protection of Laboratories Using Chemicals Richard R. Anderson

9.13 Fire Protection of Telecommunications Facilities Ralph E. Transue

9.14 Electric Generating Plants Daniel J. Sheridan

9.15 Nuclear Facilities Wayne D. Holmes

9.16 Mining and Mineral Processing Larry J. Moore

9.17 Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres Keisa Rosales and Joel M. Stoltzfus

Section 10 Building Services

10.1 Emergency and Standby Power Supplies Dan Chisholm, Sr.

10.2 Heating Systems and Appliances Peter J. Gore Willse

10.3 Building Transportation Systems Edward A. Donoghue

10.4 Air-Conditioning and Ventilating Systems William A. Webb

10.5 Ventilation of Commercial Cooking Operations David P. Demers

10.6 Boiler Furnaces L. Jeffrey Mattern, Eugene Catania, and Shelton Ehrlich

Section 11 Fire Prevention Practices

11.1 Waste Handling and Control Lawrence G. Doucet and Sharon S. Gilyeat

11.2 Housekeeping Practices L. Jeffrey Mattern

11.3 Building and Site Planning for Fire Safety Albert M. Comly, Jr.

11.4 Fire Hazards of Construction, Alteration, and Demolition of Buildings Richard J. Davis

11.5 Control of Electrostatic Ignition Sources Don R. Scarbrough

11.6 Lightning Protection Systems John M. Caloggero

Section 12 Non-Emergency Fire Department Functions

12.1 Planning for Public Fire-Rescue Protection John A. Granito

12.2 Organizational Benchmarking and Performance Evaluation Dorinda Cline

12.3 Needs Assessment and Hazard Analysis William F. Jenaway

12.4 Managing Fire-Rescue Departments Rebecca F. Denlinger

12.5 Information Management and Computer Technology Brian P. Duggan

12.6 Liability of Fire Service Organizations for Negligent Fire Fighting Maureen Brodoff

12.7 Safety, Medical, and Health Issues and Programs Murrey E. Loflin

12.8 Effect of Building Construction and Fire Protection Systems on Fire Fighter Safety Glenn P. Corbett

12.9 Fire and Emergency Services Protective Clothing and Protective Equipment Bruce W. Teele

12.10 Training Programs for Fire and Emergency Service Personnel Jerry W. Laughlin

12.11 Industrial Fire Loss Prevention Michael Snyder

12.12 Disaster Planning and Response Services William Van Helden and Terry Stewart

12.13 GIS for Fire Station Locations and Response Protocols Russ Johnson and Mike Price

12.14 Fire Rescue Stations and Fire Service Training Centers David J. Acomb and Roger M. LeBoeuf

12.15 Public Emergency Services Alarm, Dispatch, and Communications Systems John M. Merklinger

12.16 Fire Department Apparatus and Equipment Robert Tutterow

12.17 Pre-Incident Planning for Industrial and Municipal Emergency Response Michael J. Serapiglia

12.18 Pre-Incident Planning for Emergency Response John Norman

12.19 Community Risk Reduction Edward Kirtley

Section 13 Organizing for Public Sector Emergency Response

13.1 Fireground Operations Bernard J. Klaene and Russell Sanders

13.2 Organizing Rescue Operations Richard Wright

13.3 Fire Streams Michael A. Wieder

13.4 Alternate Water Supplies Laurence J. Stewart

13.5 Wildland Fire Management James C. Smalley

13.6 Public Fire Protection and Hazmat Management Michael S. Hildebrand and Gregory G. Noll

13.7 Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Jack Kreckie

13.8 Managing the Response to Hazardous Material Incidents Charles J. Wright

13.9 Emergency Medical Services and the Fire Department Jack J. Krakeel

Section 14 Detection and Alarm

14.1 Fire Alarm Systems Wayne D. Moore

14.2 Automatic Fire Detectors Kenneth W. Dungan

14.3 Notification Appliances Robert P. Schifiliti

14.4 Fire Alarm System Interconnections Fred Leber

14.5 Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems John M. Cholin

14.6 Household Fire-Warning Equipment Daniel T. Gottuk

14.7 Fire Protection Surveillance and Security Services Lawrence J. Wenzel

14.8 Gas and Vapor Detection Systems and Monitors John M. Cholin

14.9 Carbon Monoxide Detection in Residential Occupancies Art Black

14.10 Security and Intrusion Detection Systems Shane M. Clary

Section 15 Water Supplies for Fixed Fire Protection

15.1 Fixed Water Storage Supplies for Fire Protection Bruce A. Edwards

15.2 Water Supply Requirements for Public Supply Systems Lawrence J. Wenzel

15.3 Hydraulics for Fire Protection Kenneth W. Linder

15.4 Water Supplies for Sprinkler Systems Wayne M. Martin

15.5 Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion in Fire Sprinkler Systems Bruce H. Clarke and Anthony M. Aguilera

15.6 Water Distribution John D. Jensen

15.7 Fire Pump Controllers and Power Supply Arrangements for Motor-Driven Fire Pumps James S. Nasby and John R. Kovacik

Section 16 Water-Based Fire Suppression Equipment

16.1 Principles of Automatic Sprinkler System Performance Russell P. Fleming

16.2 Automatic Sprinklers Kenneth E. Isman

16.3 Automatic Sprinkler Systems Roland Huggins

16.4 Hanging and Bracing of Water-Based Systems Russell P. Fleming

16.5 Sprinkler Systems for Storage Facilities James E. Golinveaux

16.6 Residential Sprinkler Systems Daniel Madrzykowski and Russell P. Fleming

16.7 Ultra-High-Speed Water Spray Systems Robert M. Gagnon

16.8 Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems Jack R. Mawhinney

16.9 Water Spray Protection Kerry M. Bell

16.10 Standpipe and Hose Systems David R. Hague

16.11 Care and Maintenance of Water-Based Extinguishing Systems David R. Hague

Section 17 Fire Suppression Systems and Portable Fire Extinguishers

17.1 Carbon Dioxide and Application Systems Thomas J. Wysocki

17.2 Chemical Extinguishing Agents and Application Systems James D. Lake

17.3 Characteristics and Hazards of Water and Water Additives for Fire Suppression John A. Frank

17.4 Foam Extinguishing Agents and Systems Joseph L. Scheffey

17.5 Fire Extinguisher Use and Maintenance Mark T. Conroy

17.6 Halon and Halon Replacement Agents and Systems Philip J. DiNenno and Gary M. Taylor

17.7 Application of Gaseous Agents to Special Hazards Fire Protection Jeff L. Harrington

17.8 Explosion Prevention and Protection Erdem A. Ural and Henry W. Garzia

Section 18 Confining Fires

18.1 Confinement of Fire in Buildings Hossein Davoodi

18.2 Interior Finish Marcelo M. Hirschler

18.3 Smoke Movement in Buildings James A. Milke and John H. Klote

18.4 Venting Practices Gunnar Heskestad

18.5 Penetration Sealing John E. Kampmeyer

18.6 Deflagration (Explosion) Venting Richard F. Schwab

Section 19 Structural Fire Protection

19.1 Types of Building Construction Peter J. Gore Willse

19.2 Structural Integrity During Fire Richard J. Davis

19.3 Structural Fire Safety in One- and Two-Family Dwellings Kuma Sumathipala

19.4 Analyzing Structural Fire Damage Stephen Pessiki

19.5 Approaches to Calculating Structural Fire Resistance Barbara Lane

Section 20 Protecting Occupancies

20.1 Assessing Life Safety in Buildings John M. Watts, Jr.

20.2 Board and Care Facilities Philip R. Jose

20.3 Hotels and University Housing April Berkol, Byron Briese, and Ed Comeau

20.4 Apartment Buildings Kenneth Bush

20.5 Lodging or Rooming Houses Richard R. Anderson

20.6 One- and Two-Family Dwellings James K. Lathrop

20.7 Manufactured Housing Kirsten M. Paoletti

20.8 High-Rise Buildings James R. Quiter

20.9 Assembly Occupancies Gregory Miller and Edward Roether

20.10 Mercantile Occupancies Ed Schultz

20.11 Business Occupancies Brian L. Marburger

20.12 Educational Occupancies Alex L. Szachnowicz

20.13 Day-Care Occupancies Catherine L. Stashak

20.14 Detention and Correctional Occupancies Thomas W. Jaeger

20.15 Health Care Occupancies Daniel J. O’Connor

20.16 Storage Occupancies Jeffrey Moore

20.17 Library and Museum Collections Danny L. McDaniel

20.18 Industrial Occupancies David P. Demers

20.19 Motion Picture and Television Studios and Soundstages Raymond A. Grill

20.20 Occupancies in Special Structures Wayne D. Holmes

Section 21 Transportation Fire Safety

21.1 Passenger Vehicle Fires R. T. Long, Jr., Jeff D. Colwell, Rose Ray, Helene L. Grossman, Ben Thomas, and Robert Strassburger

21.2 Fire Safety in Commercial Vehicles Brian Routhier

21.3 Automotive and Marine Service Station Operations Carl H. Rivkin

21.4 Vehicle Fueling Using Gaseous Fuels Carl H. Rivkin

21.5 Fuel Cell Vehicles Glenn W. Scheffler and William P. Collins

21.6 Recreational Vehicles Bruce A. Hopkins

21.7 Fixed Guideway Transit and Light Rail Systems Tom Peacock

21.8 Rail Transportation Systems Charles J. Wright

21.9 Aviation Brian Boucher

21.10 Marine Vessels Randall Eberly

21.11 Road Tunnels and Bridges Arthur G. Bendelius


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