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National Fire Codes® Subscription Service Looseleaf Edition

National Fire Codes Subscription Service Looseleaf Edition
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  Watch NFPA®'s interview with David Hague, P.E., CFPS, CET, Manager, Technical Engineering, Liberty Mutual Property, Weston, MA, and hear why he uses NFPA's Electronic National Fire Codes® Subscription Service.

"The Subscription Service just gives us one less thing to think about. We don't have to worry whether we're using the latest edition of the standards because they're always up-to-date, so it's very convenient. The search feature is super-efficient to find information quickly."


  Watch NFPA's interview with Russell Leavitt, SET, CFPS, Telgian Chief Executive Officer, Tempe, AZ, and hear why he subscribes to NFPA's Electronic National Fire Codes Subscription Service.  

Tony Apfelbeck states:

"The National Fire Codes Subscription Service... keeps me up-to-code, so I'm always working with requirements for new and cutting-edge technologies. The search functions are very valuable, since you don't have to spend unnecessary time looking for information."

Tony Apfelbeck,
Fire Marshal/Building Official,
Altamonte Springs Building/Fire Safety Division,
Altamonte Springs, FL

Ken Bush states:

"Having access to the National Fire Codes through the NFC Subscription Service is very important in my daily activities as a code official. I am constantly placed in a position to research and interpret the codes for application in a wide variety of fire protection issues. I have used the service in both the written copy as well as the electronic format. The search feature of the electronic version is particularly helpful when a specific topic is in question that may be addressed in several locations within a document, or by reference to other codes and standards. The ability to scan the codes provides a fail-safe method to gather all pertinent information on any subject. In addition, the interaction and referencing by the various codes and standards make it imperative to have access to the complete set of NFPA documents."

Ken Bush,
Senior Fire Protection Engineer,
Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office,
Easton, MD

Fire Chief Ronald Farr states:

"I need access to the NFPA codes and standards in print and electronically. There are times when I really want the print media in front of me, and I like to keep my older volumes for reference. I have also found the online Code archives very helpful. NFPA codes and standards are connected, and we need to look at the full body of documents. That's why having access to all the codes and standards is so important."

Fire Chief Ronald Farr,
Kalamazoo Township Fire Department,
Kalamazoo, MI

Kenneth E. Isman, P.E. states:

"In this field, we have a responsibility to use the best available information. Staying up-to-code is critical because it offers the best way to address problems, and often provides more flexibility with today's buildings and architectural concepts. Ignoring state-of-the-art documents leaves sprinkler professionals open to risk in the event of loss. Even in jurisdictions where they enforce older documents, people need to be aware of the latest codes and standards. The print NFC Subscription Service lets me compare documents side-by-side, so that I can evaluate the differences and see how they work together."

Kenneth E. Isman, P.E.,
Vice President of Engineering,
National Fire Sprinkler Association,
Patterson, NY

Thomas W. Jaeger, P.E. states:

"People ask me code-related questions every day, and to give them the right answers, I need access to all the NFPA codes and standards. There's no room for guesswork and that's why I subscribe to this service."

Thomas W. Jaeger, P.E.,
Jaeger & Associates, LLC,
Great Falls, VA

William Koffel, P.E. states:

"It's essential to have the current codes and standards as soon as they come out, and the Subscription Service is the easiest and most efficient way to stay on top of all the National Fire Codes."

William Koffel, P.E.,
Koffel Associates, Inc.
Elkridge, MD

David Lind states:

"Having the electronic access to NFPA codes and standards makes it so much easier to search and find things. Searches show instantly all the different areas within NFPA documents where a keyword is used. For example, you can find what you need in NFPA 72® or any other code, and be on track right away. If I need to copy and paste a section for someone, it's simple to do "

David Lind,
Fire Marshal,
North Shore Fire Department,
Bayside, WI

National Fire Codes Subscription Service All Access

National Fire Codes Subscription Service All Access

Access to every code, standard, and Handbooks. Get expert insights and graphics to help clarify code concepts!

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New U.S./Canadian Membership

New U.S./Canadian Membership
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National Fire Codes Archive Set, 2015 Edition

National Fire Codes Archive Set, 2015 Edition
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