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NFPA 20: Stationary Fire Pumps Handbook

Special Offer for NFCSS All Access Subscribers
NFPA 20: Stationary Fire Pumps Handbook, 2013 Edition
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Special Offer for NFCSS All Access Subscribers

Editor: Chad R. W. Duffy

The 2013 Stationary Fire Pumps Handbook's expert commentary and full-color art provide the full story on fire pumps, tanks, hydrants flow testing, and fire service mains.

Keep fire pumps functioning error-free and in compliance with the 2013 edition of NFPA 20: Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection. NFPA®'s new Stationary Fire Pumps Handbook provides advanced guidance relating to all types of water supply availability and reliability.

Only this 2013 edition includes the latest updates to NFPA 20, 100+ full-color illustrations, a pull-out 17 x 10 1/4 " full-color schematic of a fire pump installation, and new FAQs from the AHJ's perspective.

Access key information in the Handbook's four easy-to-use sections:

  • Part I of this Handbook provides examples of various types of fire pump configurations and explains the purpose of various pertinent components.
  • Part II presents the full text of 2013 NFPA 20 -- with vertical rules alerting you to new text, and bullets for deletions -- plus guidance and graphics on every aspect of application.
  • Part III contains text from selected water supply documents with original supporting explanations and advice. Material includes:
    • Complete text of the 2013 NFPA 291: Recommended Practice for Fire Flow Testing and Marking of Hydrants and the 2010 NFPA 24: Installation of Private Fire Service Mains and Their Appurtenances
    • Section 18.4 and Annex I from the 2012 NFPA 1: Fire Code
    • Extracts from the 2008 NFPA 22: Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection; the 2010 NFPA 14: Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems concerning standpipe water supply; and the 2013 NFPA 13: Installation of Sprinkler Systems addressing sprinkler system demand
  • Part IV contains valuable Supplements including:
    • A new guide to practical application with color schematic
    • Updated design and installation of power supplies for electric-driven fire pumps (Article 695 extracted from the 2011 NEC®)
    • Commissioning forms for fire pumps
    • Technical changes from the 2010 to 2013 edition of NFPA 20

Update your knowledge fast with this one-stop source for water-based system designers, installers, contractors, engineers, facility managers, inspectors, and AHJs. (Hardbound, Approx. 568 pp., 2013)