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Fire's Fury DVD

Fire's Fury DVD
Item # VC94VH
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Motivate people to get serious about fire safety by unleashing Fire's Fury!

Most people underestimate the speed and power of fire and smoke. As a result, they don't know the real danger and get complacent about fire safety. After watching NFPA®'s Fire's Fury! DVD, audiences are sure to take fire safety more seriously and adopt life-saving behaviors to protect themselves and their family.

Bring viewers face-to-face with the devastating reality of a home fire!

Presented in docudrama style, Fire's Fury! is a personal account of one family's close call with a fire. Interviews with family members while they move into their new house reveal details of the frightening experience that starts when the teenage daughter leaves a candle burning in her bedroom. As the story unfolds, a dramatic onscreen fire recreation provides an eye-opening look at how rapidly smoke and flames can spread, reaching life-threatening proportions in just seconds.

Show the larger impact on the community and how fire departments and schools contribute to fire safety.

When the fire captain arrives on the scene, viewers get a professional's expert view of the technical aspects of fire dynamics. Firefighters also visit several classrooms and help teachers convey life-saving messages to students. (Grade 6 and up, Family, 14 min., DVD, Presenter's Guide)


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