Apply for Technical Committee membership

NFPA accepts online applications for Technical Committee membership

To apply for membership on an NFPA Technical Committee, visit the Document Information Page for the relevant NFPA code(s) or standard(s) for which the Technical Committee is responsible.

Then choose the “Technical Committee” tab and select the link “Submit a Committee application online”. You will be asked to sign-in or create a free online account with NFPA before using this application system.

Committee Member Selections

  • Appointment to a Technical Committee is based on: qualifications of the applicant; balance of interest categories on the committee; maintaining the committee at a manageable working size; and the ability of the applicant to attend and participate all committee meetings. A Techical Committee member does not need to be an active NFPA association member.
  • An application for Technical Committee membership should be completed online and submitted (see above) for review by the NFPA Standards Council. The Council meets three times a year to consider Technical Committee appointments.
  • All such appointments are subject to annual review and reappointment by the Council. Members, who consistently fail to attend meetings, neglect to return ballots, or otherwise exhibit lack of interest, knowledge, or responsibility shall not be reappointed and may be removed for the stated causes at any time. (Regs
  • Organization representation is preferred. Organizational applicants have a better chance of getting appointed to a committee since it brings the views of many to the committee rather than one individual or company. Many of our committee members represent organizations such as IAFC, API, SPI, ACC, AGA, NEMA, AFAA, NAFED, IAFF, IFMA, etc.
  • NFPA encourages all principal applicants to also have an alternate apply. An alternate will ensure your voice is heard in the event of unforeseen circumstances where you may be unable to participate.
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