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NFPA 12A: Standard on Halon 1301 Fire Extinguishing Systems
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What is NFPA 12A?
NFPA 12A: Document Scope
1.1 Scope. This standard contains minimum requirements for total flooding Halon 1301 fire extinguishing systems. It includes only the essentials necessary to make the standard workable in the hands of those skilled in this field. Only those skilled in this work are competent to design, install, maintain, decommission, and remove this equipment. It might be necessary for many of those charged with purchasing, inspecting, testing, approving, operating, and maintaining this equipment to consult with an experienced and competent fire protection engineer to effectively discharge their respective duties. (See Annex C.)

This standard contains requirements for total flooding Halon 1301 fire extinguishing systems to help those who design, install, test, inspect, approve, list, operate, maintain, decommission, and remove halogenated agent systems ensure that such equipment will function as intended throughout its life.

Official document scope
What does NFPA 12A address?

Provisions related to components discuss Halon 1301 supply; distribution; and detection, actuation, alarm, and control systems. Design requirements cover topics such as specification, plans, and approvals; system flow calculations; enclosures; design concentration requirements; and altitude adjustments. Criteria are also provided for inspection, maintenance, testing, and training. Numerous appendices provide valuable information on enclosure integrity procedure, hazards to personnel, storage containers, piping, system flow calculations, and more.

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