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NFPA 150: Standard on Fire and Life Safety in Animal Housing Facilities
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What is NFPA 150?
NFPA 150: Document Scope

1.1 Scope. 1.1.1* This standard shall provide the minimum requirements for the design, construction, fire protection, and classification of animal housing facilities. A.1.1.1 The requirements of NFPA 150 recognize the following fundamental principles: (1) Animals are sentient beings with a value greater than that of simple property. (2) Animals, both domesticated and feral, lack the ability of self-preservation when housed in buildings and other structures. (3) Current building, fire, and life safety codes do not address the life safety of the animal occupants. The requirements found in NFPA 150 are written with the intention that animal housing facilities will continue to be designed, constructed, and maintained in accordance with the applicable building, fire, and life safety codes. The requirements herein are not intended to replace or rewrite the basic requirements for the human occupants. Instead, NFPA 150 provides additional minimum requirements for the protection of the animal occupants and the human occupants who interact with those animals in these facilities. NFPA 150 is divided into three major sections: The first section, Chapters 1 through 3, contains only administrative requirements, while the second section, Chapters 4 through 10, provides general requirements for all facilities housing animals (i.e., facility subclassification, animal category, construction, means of egress, fire protection, and interior finish requirements), and the third section, Chapters 11–13, includes specific requirements focused on the class of the facility. 1.1.2 Animal housing facilities shall be designed, constructed, and maintained in accordance with the adopted building, fire, and life safety codes and the requirements herein. 1.1.3 Where requirements of this standard differ from the adopted fire prevention, life safety, and building codes, the requirements of this standard shall govern the protection of the animal occupants and animal handlers.

This standard establishes life and safety requirements for both humans and animals in all types of animal housing facilities where animals are kept for any purpose, including barns, stables, kennels, animal shelters, veterinary facilities, zoos, laboratories, and racetracks.

Official document scope
What does NFPA 150 address?

Provisions encompass design, construction, operation, and maintenance of animal housing facilities and cover performance-based design, subclassification of facilities and categorization of animals, construction and separation requirements, means of egress, and protection from fire and special hazards. Specific chapters for Class 1, 2, and 3 facilities are provided.

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