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NFPA 1583: Standard on Health-Related Fitness Programs for Fire Department Members
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What is NFPA 1583?
NFPA 1583: Document Scope

1.1* Scope. This standard establishes the minimum requirements for the development, implementation, and management of a health-related fitness program (HRFP) for members of the fire department involved in emergency operations. A.1.1 Although this standard is intended primarily for members involved in emergency operations, fire departments are encouraged to apply the components of the health-related fitness program to all employees.

This standard outlines a complete health-related fitness program (HRFP) for members of fire departments involved in emergency operations to enhance their ability to perform occupational activities and reduce the risk of injury, disease, and premature death.

Official document scope
What does NFPA 1583 address?

Requirements apply to all aspects of the development, implementation, and management of a heath-related fitness program, including roles and responsibilities, health and fitness coordinator, peer fitness trainers, fitness assessment, exercise and fitness training program, health promotion education, and data collection. Annexes include a sample fitness plan and self-assessment tool.

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