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NFPA 1670: Standard on Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue Incidents
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NFPA 1670, 2017 Edition: Archived Revision Information
First Draft
Pre-First Draft Meeting Notices
Pre-First Draft Meeting Agendas
Pre-First Draft Meeting Minutes
First Draft Meeting Notices
First Draft Meeting Agendas
First Draft Meeting Minutes
First Draft Ballot
Second Draft
Pre-Second Draft Meeting Notices
Pre-Second Draft Meeting Agendas
Pre-Second Draft Meeting Minutes
Second Draft Meeting Notices
Second Draft Meeting Agendas
Second Draft Ballot
NFPA Technical Meeting (Tech Session)

Consent Standard not presented at NFPA Technical Meeting. Issuance: 11/11/2016

The final date to file an appeal on this Consent Standard is 11/1/2016

Archived revision information
NFPA 1670, 2017 Edition: Archived Revision Information
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