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NFPA 260: Standard Methods of Tests and Classification System for Cigarette Ignition Resistance of Components of Upholstered Furniture
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What is NFPA 260?
NFPA 260: Document Scope
1.1 Scope. 1.1.1* The tests described in this document apply to upholstered furniture components that are tested in a standard, defined composite. 1.1.2 These tests shall apply to cover fabrics, interior fabrics, welt cords, decking materials, barrier materials, and filling/padding materials including, but not limited to, battings of natural or man-made fibers, foamed or cellular filling materials, resilient pads of natural or man-made fibers, and loose particulate filling materials such as shredded polyurethane foam or feathers and down.

This test method provides a means of accurately measuring how resistant upholstered furniture components are to cigarette ignition, thus assisting in component selection and composite design that will achieve a high level of resistance and protect lives and property.

Official document scope
What does NFPA 260 address?

Six laboratory testing procedures are detailed for evaluating the performance of upholstered furniture components when exposed to smoldering cigarettes under specified conditions. These components are cover fabric, interior fabric, welt cords, filling/padding components, decking materials, and barrier materials. Cigarette resistance classifications are also established for these components.

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