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NFPA 272: Standard Method of Test for Heat and Visible Smoke Release Rates for Upholstered Furniture Components or Composites and Mattresses Using an Oxygen Consumption Calorimeter
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What is NFPA 272?
NFPA 272: Document Scope
1.1.1 This test method shall be used to determine the ignitability and release rates of heat and visible smoke from components or composite structures of upholstered furniture and mattresses using an oxygen consumption calorimeter. 1.1.2 In this test method, a horizontally oriented specimen shall undergo radiant thermal exposure using an external igniter. 1.1.3 Radiant exposure shall be maintained at a constant rate of 35 kW/m2 to determine time to sustained flaming, rate of heat release per unit area (kW/m2), specific extinction area, and effective heat of combustion (MJ/kg). 1.1.4 The rate of heat release shall be determined by measurement of oxygen consumption as determined by the level of oxygen concentration and the flow rate in the combustion product stream. 1.1.5 The effective heat of combustion shall be determined from a concomitant measurement of specimen mass loss rate, in combination with the heat release rate. 1.1.6 The testing shall be done on bench-scale specimens combining the furniture or mattress cover fabrics and padding, but not including frame elements. 1.1.7 Safety. This standard shall not purport to address all safety problems associated with use of the equipment. It shall be the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and to determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.
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What does NFPA 272 address?
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