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NFPA 495: Explosive Materials Code
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NFPA 495: Explosive Materials Code, 2013 Edition
Item #: NFPA_495

What is NFPA 495?
NFPA 495: Document Scope
1.1 Scope. This code shall apply to the manufacture, transportation, storage, sale, and use of explosive materials.
This code identifies reasonable levels of safety for the manufacture, transportation, storage, sale, and use of explosive materials, It does not apply to transportation of such material used for military purposes or when under jurisdiction of the federal government. Official document scope
What does NFPA 495 address?
Provisions cover security and safety; manufacturing and testing; highway transportation; aboveground storage; blasting; ground vibration, air overpressure, flyrock, and gases; piers and railways, truck, and air terminals. Specific criteria are included for blasting agents, water gel and emulsion materials, small arms ammunition, smokeless propellants, and black powder propellants. Table of Contents
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