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NFPA 92: Standard for Smoke Control Systems
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NFPA 92: Standard on Smoke Control Systems
Item #: NFPA_92

What is NFPA 92?
NFPA 92: Document Scope

1.1* Scope. This standard shall apply to the design, installation, acceptance testing, operation, and ongoing periodic testing of smoke control systems. A.1.1 This standard incorporates methods for applying engineering calculations and reference models to provide a designer with the tools to develop smoke control system designs. The designs are based on select design objectives presented in Section 4.1. This standard addresses the following topics: (1) Basic physics of smoke movement in indoor spaces (2) Methods of smoke control (3) Supporting data and technology (4) Building equipment and controls applicable to smoke control systems (5) Approaches to testing and maintenance methods This standard does not address the interaction of sprinklers and smoke control systems. The cooling effect of sprinklers can result in some of the smoke losing buoyancy and migrating downward below the design smoke layer interface. This standard also does not provide methodologies to assess the effects of smoke exposure on people, property, or mission continuity.

This standard protects life and reduces property loss by establishing requirements for the design, installation, and testing of smoke control systems used to mitigate the impact of smoke from fire.

Official document scope
What does NFPA 92 address?

Provisions apply to both new and retrofitted smoke containment and smoke management systems and cover topics including basic physics of smoke movement in indoor spaces, methods of smoke control, supporting data and technology, building equipment and controls, design fundamentals, calculations, stairwell pressurization systems, component and acceptance testing, and documentation.

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