NFPA 1127: Code for High Power Rocketry
Current Edition: 2013 Next Edition: 2018

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NFPA 1127:
2013 Edition
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The next edition of this standard is now open for Public Input (formerly proposals).

What is NFPA 1127?
NFPA 1127: Document Scope
Applies to the design, construction, limitation of propellant mass and power, and reliability of all high power rocket motors produced commercially for sale to and/or use by the certified user for education, recreation, and sporting competition.
This code provides requirements for safe operation of high power rockets to protect the user and the public from associated hazards that could cause deaths and injuries. Application includes use in conjunction with education, recreation, and sporting competition. Official document scope
What does NFPA 1127 address?
NFPA 1127 contains provisions for the design, construction, limitation of charge and power, and reliability of all high power rocket motors, plus design and construction of the rockets propelled by these motors. The code includes qualifications and certification of users as well as requirements for rocket tests, launch sites, and operations; spectator distance separation as well as prohibited activities. Table of Contents

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