NFPA 1192: Standard on Recreational Vehicles
Current Edition: 2015 Next Edition: 2018

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2015 NFPA 1192: Standard on Recreational Vehicles
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What is NFPA 1192?
NFPA 1192: Document Scope

1.1* Scope. This standard shall cover fire and life safety criteria for recreational vehicles. A.1.1 Those members of the engineering profession and others associated with the design, manufacturing, and inspection of recreational vehicles have been aware of the need for uniform technical standards leading to the proper use of this special type of equipment. They also have recognized that, because of conditions of transport, size, and use, existing standards for motor vehicles or permanent buildings are not completely applicable to recreational vehicles. It is with these factors in mind that this standard has been developed. Much of the material in this standard has been taken from or is based on nationally recognized standards for fire and life safety. Applicable standards are shown in Chapter 2.

This standard establishes fire and life safety criteria for recreational vehicles to provide protection from loss of life from fire and explosion.

Official document scope
What does NFPA 1192 address?

Comprehensive coverage includes general requirements, fuel systems and equipment, and plumbing systems. Fire and life safety provisions address interior finish and textile materials, means of escape, fire detection equipment, and vehicular requirements.

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