NFPA 160: Standard for the Use of Flame Effects Before an Audience
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What is NFPA 160?
NFPA 160: Document Scope
This standard shall provide requirements for the protection of property, operators, performers, support personnel, and the viewing audiences where flame effects are used indoors or outdoors. The purpose of this standard shall be to provide minimum requirements to the operators and manufacturers for the safe operation of flame effects. 1.1.1* This standard shall apply to flame effects for entertainment, exhibition, demonstration, or simulation before an audience, including their design, fabrication, installation, testing, control, operation, and maintenance. 1.1.2 This standard shall apply to the following: (1) Use of indoor and outdoor flame effects before an audience (see 1.4.8, Flame Effect) (2) Design, fabrication, installation, testing, control, operation, and maintenance of equipment, materials, procedures, and systems used to produce flame effects (3) Rehearsal, videotaping, audiotaping, or filming of any television, radio, or movie production if such production is before an audience and includes the use of flame effects (4) Rehearsal of any production incorporating flame effects before an audience. 1.1.3 This standard shall not apply to the following: (1) Flame effects produced solely by pyrotechnic special effects devices (2)* Use of pyrotechnic special effects (3)* Storage of flammable solids, liquids, and gases (4) Manufacture, off-site storage, and transportation of materials and equipment used to produce flame effects (5) Use of flame effects in fire training Exception: Where there is an audience that is not part of the training, this standard shall apply. (6)* Manufacture, transportation, storage, sale, or use of model or high-power rocket motors (7) Traditional nontheatrical public display of flames such as the following: a. Use of lighted candles in restaurants or religious services b. Fireplaces in areas open to the public c. Restaurant cooking visible to the patrons d. Listed Group II flame effects (8) Use of consumer fireworks by the public (9) Use of motor vehicles in races or sanctioned competitive sporting events.
This standard provides public safety officials, designers, performers and operators of flame effects with the latest requirements for the protection of the audience, support personnel, performers, the operator, assistants, and property where flame effects are used. Official document scope
What does NFPA 160 address?
NFPA 160 provides requirements for safe operation of flame effects used for entertainment, exhibition, demonstration, or simulation before an audience. The standard covers topics such as permits and approvals, documentation required for a flame effects plan and operator qualifications. The design, fabrication, installation, testing, control, operation, fire protection, and maintenance of equipment, materials, procedures, and systems for flame effects are included in the standard.Table Of Contents.
NFPA 160, 2011 Edition: Archived Revision Information
Report on Proposals (ROP)
Report on Proposals (ROP)
Proposals can be submitted for text to be amended or included in NFPA Codes and Standards. Following the Call for Proposals period, the responsible Technical Committee or Panel holds a meeting to consider and act on all submitted proposals. The committee or panel may also develop its own proposals. A document known as the Report on Proposals (ROP) is prepared containing all the Public Proposals, Technical Committees' action on each Proposal, as well as all Committee-generated proposals. The ROP for the document in question is submitted for the approval of the responsible TC or Panel by a formal written ballot. If the ROP does not receive approval via written ballot in accordance with NFPA rules, the Report is returned to the committee for further consideration and is not published. If the necessary approval is received, the ROP is published in a compilation of Reports on Proposals issued by NFPA twice yearly for public review and comment, and the process continues to the next step. The ROP is published and widely distributed and anyone may download or request a copy.
ROP Meeting Notice
ROP Meeting Notice
Note: Please contact the appropriate staff liaison (listed on the Technical Committee tab) for information on attending an NFPA Technical Committee meeting as a guest. Read NFPA"s Regulations Governing Committee Projects (Section for further information.
ROP Meeting Agenda
Report on Comments (ROC)
Report on Comments (ROC)
Once the ROP becomes available, there is a 60-day comment period during which time anyone may submit a public comment on the proposed changes documented in the ROP. The committee or panel reconvenes at the end of the comment period and acts on all public comments. This committee or panel may also develop its own comments. As before, approval obtained via written ballot in accordance with NFPA's Regulations is required on all committee and panel actions. All of this information is compiled into a second Report, called the Report on Comments (ROC), which like the ROP, is published and made available for public review for a seven-week period.
Report on Comments (ROC) (PDF, 586 KB)
ROC Meeting Agenda
ROC Meeting Minutes
Motions Committee Report (NITMAM)
Motions Committee Report (NITMAM)
Proposed NFPA documents will be presented for action at the applicable Annual (June) Association Technical Meeting only when proper Amending Motions (Notice of Intent to Make a Motion - NITMAM) have been certified by the Motions Committee of the Standards Council as a proper amending motion. Documents that receive no motions will not be presented at the meeting and instead will be forwarded directly to the NFPA Standards Council for action on issuance. More about the codes and standards making process including NITMAM.
Association Technical Meeting
Consent document not presented at Association Technical Meeting. Document issuance: 6/1/2010.
Archived revision information
NFPA 160, 2011 Edition: Archived Revision Information
View archived proposals, comments and other records related to the development of this edition.
Read the archived revision information
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