NFPA 268: Standard Test Method for Determining Ignitability of Exterior Wall Assemblies Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source
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What is NFPA 268?
NFPA 268: Document Scope
1.1 Scope. 1.1.1 This fire test response standard describes a method for determining the propensity of ignition of exterior wall assemblies from exposure to 12.5 kW/m2 (1.10 Btu/ft2-sec) radiant heat in the presence of a pilot ignition source. 1.1.2 This test method evaluates the propensity of ignition of an exterior wall assembly where subjected to a minimum radiant heat flux of 12.5 kW/m2 (1.10 Btu/ft2-sec). This method determines whether ignition of an exterior wall assembly occurs when the wall is exposed to a specified radiant heat flux, in the presence of a pilot ignition source, during a 20-minute period. 1.1.3 This test method utilizes a gas-fired radiant panel to apply a radiant heat flux of 12.5 kW/m2 (1.10 Btu/ft2-sec) to a representative sample of an exterior wall assembly while the test specimen is exposed simultaneously to a pilot ignition source. 1.1.4 This test method applies to exterior wall assemblies having planar, or nearly planar, external surfaces. This method shall not be used to evaluate the fire endurance of wall assemblies, nor shall it be used to evaluate the effect of fires originating within the building or within the exterior wall assemblies. This method shall not be used to evaluate surface flame spread, nor shall it be used to evaluate the influence of openings for their propensity of ignition.
This standard offers a testing method to measure and describe the ignitability characteristics of exterior wall assemblies and their potential of contributing to fire growth under controlled laboratory conditions. It is intended to be used for code and other regulatory purposes, specification and design purposes, and research and development activities. Official document scope
What does NFPA 268 address?
This test method evaluates flammability characteristics of interior textile wall coverings, measures certain fire performance characteristics, and determines the potential contribution to fire growth in a room and for fire spread beyond the room. Coverage includes test equipment. specimen mounting, instrumentation, calibration, test procedures, calculations, and documentation. Table of Contents

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