NFPA 5000: Building Construction and Safety CodeĀ®
Current Edition: 2015 Next Edition: 2018

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Beginning with the Fall 2016 NFPA Standards, all Public Inputs and Public Comments must be submitted online. This is yet another enhancement that allows NFPA to facilitate wider and easier participation in the development of its Standards. Read more on how to submit public input
Revision cycle information
Revision Cycle: Annual 2017
First Draft
Public Input Closing Date: 7/6/2015  View Public Inputs
First Draft Report Posting Date: 3/7/2016
Second Draft
Public Comment Closing Date: 5/16/2016
Second Draft Report Posting Date: 1/16/2017
Motions Committee Report (NITMAM)
Motions Committee Report (NITMAM)
NITMAM Closing Date: 2/20/2017
NITMAM Posting Date: 4/17/2017
Additional Committee Information
Pre-First Draft Meeting Notices
Building Code Correlating Committee (BLD-AAC)
Pre-First Draft Planning Meeting, Telephone/Webconference, 3-10-15
Pre-First Draft Meeting Agendas
Building Code Correlating Committee (BLD-AAC)
Pre-First Draft Meeting Minutes
Building Code Correlating Committee (BLD-AAC)
Assembly Occupancies(BLD-AXM)
First Draft Meeting Notices
Assembly Occupancies(BLD-AXM)
Board and Care Facilities(BLD-BCF)
Building Construction(BLD-BLC)
First Draft Meeting Agendas
Core Chapter Changes (PDF, 215 KB)
Assembly Occupancies(BLD-AXM)
Board and Care Facilities(BLD-BCF)
Building Construction(BLD-BLC)
First Draft Meeting Minutes
Building Service and Fire Protection Equipment(BLD-BSF)
Building Systems(BLD-BSY)
Fire Protection Features(BLD-FIR)
Interior Finish and Contents(BLD-INT)
Building Code Correlating Committee (BLD-AAC)
Ballot, TIA No. 1193 (PDF, 641 KB)
Building Construction(BLD-BLC)
Ballot, TIA No. 1193 (PDF, 319 KB)


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