NFPA 806: Performance-Based Standard for Fire Protection for Advanced Nuclear Reactor Electric Generating Plants Change Process
Current Edition: 2010 Next Edition: 2015

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What is NFPA 806?
NFPA 806: Document Scope
This Committee shall have primary responsibility for documents on fire hazard calculation procedures for use by other Committees in writing provisions to control the fire hazards of contents and furnishings. This Committee shall also provide guidance and recommendations to Committees in assessing the fire hazard of contents and furnishings. It shall establish classification and rating systems, request the development and standardization of appropriate fire tests, and identify and encourage necessary research as it relates to the fire hazards of contents and furnishings. It shall act in a liaison capacity between NFPA and the committees of other organizations with respect to the hazard of contents and furnishings.
This standard provides minimum requirements for a risk-informed, performance-based change process for the fire protection program for advanced nuclear reactor electric generating plants, including their construction and all phases of operation, including shutdown, degraded conditions, and decommissioning in order to protect the safety of the public, the environment, on-site personnel, and the physical integrity of plant components. Official document scope
What does NFPA 806 address?
A methodology is described to identify and describe the proposed change, identify the plant and fire protection program features that will potentially be impacted, identify performance criteria for each of these features, and determine whether the existing approved program will be met or modified or a risk-informed performance-based change evaluation will be applied to evaluate the change. NFPA 806 also provides requirements for the engineering analyses used to evaluate the potential impact of plant changes. Table of Contents

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