NFPA 851: Recommended Practice for Fire Protection for Hydroelectric Generating Plants
Current Edition: 2010 Next Edition: Withdrawn

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What is NFPA 851?
NFPA 851: Document Scope
This document provides recommendations (not requirements) for fire prevention and fire protection for hydroelectric generating plants. The term "hydroelectric generating plant" also can be referred to as "station," "project," "unit(s)," "facility," or "site."
NFPA 851 was withdrawn in the Fall 2014 revision cycle. NFPA 851 material has been incorporated into NFPA 850. The NFPA Standards Council approved the withdrawal on November 11, 2014.

This recommended practice provides fire prevention and fire protection recommendations for hydroelectric generating plants to safeguard personnel, protect physical property, ensure continuity of power production, and control the impact of fire and fire-fighting activities on the environment.

Official document scope
What does NFPA 851 address?

NFPA 851 offers guidance for the design, construction, and operation of hydroelectric facilities. In addition, general plant design, fire protection systems, identification and protection of hazards, and development of a fire risk control program are also covered.

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