New projects & documents

The NFPA Standards Council considered and reviewed the following new projects and new committees and is seeking public review and comment by the February 1, 2015 deadline:

The following new committees/documents were approved by the Standards Council at its October 2014 meeting:

  • Hybrid, gas, and fire water droplet systems

    The Council considered the requests of William Reilly and Peter Thomas of Victaulic for NFPA to approve the development of a standard on hybrid, gas, and fire water droplet systems.  At the March 2013 Meeting of the Council, Mr. Reilly presented an initial request to the Council to develop a document on this subject.  The Council voted at the time not to approve this project finding that there was insufficient information to determine whether, and in what manner, this technology was appropriate for standards development and further noting that the Research Foundation was embarking upon a research project to identify more detailed information on this new system.  The Research Foundation has now completed and published its research on hybrid, gas and fire water droplet systems.  This report was presented to the Council for review with this renewed request for document development. 

    After review of all the material before it, the Council voted to approve the development of a new committee and new document on Hybrid (Water and Inert Gas) Fire Extinguishing Systems.  The Council directed that a call for members interested in serving on the proposed new Technical Committee be published.  NFPA Staff will return to the Council with a proposed startup roster and a proposed committee scope.

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