Revision Cycle Schedules

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NFPA Standards are developed and periodically revised through scheduled revision cycles.  The Standards Council Secretary, with approval by the Standards Council, establishes revision cycle schedules for processing NFPA Standards. A new or revised NFPA Standard enters one of two revision cycles (annual or fall).  Each Revision Cycle includes final dates for all critical events in the processing of NFPA Standards, such as a call for Public Input and Public Comments, the Notice of Intent to Make a Motion, the availability of Technical Committee Reports, the NFPA Technical Meeting, and Standards Council issuance. The Standards Council Secretary publishes and makes available these schedules of revision cycles.  See Section 4.2 of the Regulations Governing the Development of NFPA Standards for further information on revision cycle schedules.

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Public Input Dates may vary according to documents and schedules.  For most up-to-date information, please check the specific document information page from the list of codes and standards and go to the Next Edition tab. 

Fall 2013

  • Schedule
  • First Draft Report
  • Second Draft Report

Annual 2014

  • Schedule
  • First Draft Report
  • Second Draft Report

Fall 2014

Annual 2015

Fall 2015

Annual 2016

Annual 2016 NEC® 

Fall 2016

    Annual 2017