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Enforcer Funding Program

The NFPA Enforcer Funding Program is providing funding for NFPA Technical Committee participation for certain public sector Committee members who have been designated by the NFPA Standards Council, for purposes of committee balance, in the category of “Enforcing Authority (E)” (“Enforcers”). Committees seeking enforcers.

Reorganization of Supervising Station Fire Alarm and Signaling Systems Committee
NFPA Standards Council, upon request, at its December 2015 meeting has decided to reorganize the Technical Committee on Supervising Station Fire Alarm and Signaling Systems to include broader regional diversity and representation from all affected technologies. Representation is sought in all member classifications; specifically applicants with expertise and experience related to performance based communication technologies (e.g. digital alarm communicator systems, two-way radio frequency (RF) multiplex systems and one-way private radio alarm systems) and operation professionals with experience in central, proprietary and remote supervising stations. All existing members of the Committee, as well as other interested individuals, are asked to apply. NFPA Staff will return to the Council at the April 2016 meeting with a proposed start-up roster and a recommendation for a committee chair. Once the reconstituted roster for this committee is approved, the current Technical Committee on Supervising Station Fire Alarm and Signaling Systems will be disbanded. To apply for membership on this Committee, you must first sign-in on (Note: If you do not have an sign-in, you will be asked to create a free online account before using the application system).  Go to the Technical Committee tab of the NFPA 72 Document Information Page and select the link “Submit Supervising Station Fire Alarm and Signaling Systems application online" to apply to this committee by the January 29, 2016 deadline.

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How to submit an online Technical Committee application.

NOTE:  May 13, 2016 is the deadline for submitting Technical Committee membership applications for consideration at the August 2016 Standards Council meeting.  For definitions of the interest categories, see Guidelines to Classifications of Committee Members

Please select the link below to apply online to the applicable new committees. You will be asked to sign-in or create a free online account with NFPA before using this system.

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