Appeal:  Any request submitted in writing to the Standards Council for the adoption, reversal, or modification of any action taken by any Technical Committee, Technical Correlating Committee, the Association, or the Standards Council, at any time in the Document development process. (Regulations, 1.4, 1.6.)

Association Technical Meeting: Technical Meeting as defined in Section 4.2 of the NFPA Bylaws. (Regulations, 1.4)

Comment: Suggested amendment, deletion, or addition to a Report on Proposals submitted in accordance with 4.4 of the Regulations. 

Code: A standard that is an extensive compilation of provisions covering broad subject matter or that is suitable for adoption into law independently of other codes and standards.(Regulations,

Document (Technical Committee Document): A code, standard, recommended practice, or guide excluding any index thereto.(Regulations, 1.4)

Draft:  new (in progress) documents prepared by Technical Committees which are available solely for use in submitting proposals (with no official status), and are not intended for any other use. Drafts are available to allow the public to view the drafts and make proposals. 

Errata: A correction issued to an NFPA document, published in NFPA News, the National Fire Codes Subscription Service (NFCSS), and included in any further distribution of the document.

Extract Update: A change issued to the extracted text of a document because the source document has been changed.

Formal Interpretation (FI): A question on an NFPA document that is processed in accordance with Section 6 of the Regulations Governing Committee Projects. An FI is the official position of the Technical Committee on the meaning or intent of the document. Published in NFPA News and Volume 18 of the National Fire Codes Subscription Service (NFCSS).

National Fire Codes® (NFC): A softbound, multi-volume annual compilation of all NFPA Technical Committee documents (some 275) with the first 15 volumes consisting of codes and standards and the remaining two containing recommended practices and guides, as well as an additional volume containing a Master Index of the code set. Published in November, it includes the documents adopted as a result of NFPA's Annual Revision Cycle.

NFC Supplement: A volume supplement to the National Fire Codes (NFC) published in March containing the documents adopted as a result of NFPA's Fall Revision Cycle.

National Fire Codes® Subscription Service (NFCSS): A subscription service consisting of looseleaf or online version of the National Fire Codes.  For the print binder version, in addition to the 17 volumes of the National Fire Codes, there is an 18th volume containing standards information consisting of Formal Interpretations and the Master Index.

NITMAM (Notice of Intent to Make a Motion):  a NITMAM is required to be submitted in order to make a motion at an Association Technical Meeting. (Regulations, 4.5)

Pamphlet: One of the 275 committee documents published and distributed as an individual booklet.

Panel: see "Technical Committee".(Regulations, 1.4)

Petition: a request seeking the intervention of the NFPA Board of Directors pursuant to the Regulations Governing Petitions to the Board of Directors from Decisions of the Standards Council. (Regulations, 1.7)

Proposal: a suggested amendment, deletion, or addition to an existing Document or a proposed new Document submitted in accordance with 4.3.3 of the Regulations. (Regulations, 1.4) 

Performance-based codes: Performance-based codes and standards specifically state their safety goals, and reference approved methods that can be used to demonstrate compliance with their requirements. The document may be phrased as a method for quantifying equivalencies to an existing prescriptive-based code or standard, or it may identify one or more prescriptive codes or standards as approved solutions. Either way, the document allows the use of any solution that demonstrates compliance.

Regulations Governing Committee Projects (Regulations):  The Regulations Governing Committee Projects is the process of developing and revising NFPA Documents and the role of the Board of Directors, Standards Council, Technical Correlating Committees, and Technical Committees in this process. (Regulations, 1.1)

Report on Comments (ROC):  A  report to the Association on the actions taken by Technical Committees and/or Technical Correlating Committees accompanied by a ballot statement and one or more comments resulting from public review of the Report on Proposals (ROP). (Regulations, 1.4)

Report on Proposals (ROP): A report to the Association on the actions taken by Technical Committees and/or Technical Correlating Committees accompanied by a ballot statement and one or more proposals on text for a new Document or to amend an existing Document.(Regulations, 1.4,,, and 4.3.7)

Standard: A document, the main text of which contains only mandatory provisions using the word "shall" to indicate requirements and which is in a form generally suitable for mandatory reference by another standard or code or for adoption into law. Nonmandatory provisions shall be located in an appendix, footnote, or fine-print note and are not to be considered a part of the requirements of a standard. (Regulations,

Standards Council: The Standards Council is a committee of the Association comprised of 13 individuals appointed by the NFPA Board of Directors in accordance with Article 8 of the Bylaws. The Council's primary function is to oversee the Association's codes and standards development activities, and the Regulations Governing Committee Projects. (Regulations, 1.4)

Task Group: an ad hoc group appointed to address a specific topic or problem. (Regulations,

Technical Committee (TC): A group responsible for development and revision of any document or documents emanating from a Technical Committee project. A Technical Committee reporting to a Technical Correlating Committee can be termed a Panel. (Regulations, 1.4)

Technical Committee Project (Project): A technical activity defined by an approved committee scope within which a Technical Committee or Technical Correlating Committee functions to develop one or more Documents. (Regulations, 1.4)

Technical Committee Report: is the Report of the Technical Committee and Technical Correlating Committee (if any) on a Document. A Technical Committee Report consists of the Report on Proposals as modified by the Report on Comments published by the Association. (Regulations, 1.4)

Technical Correlating Committee (TCC): A group assigned to manage and coordinate the activities of a Technical Committee project within which more than one Technical Committee functions. (Regulations, 1.4)

Tentative Interim Amendment (TIA):  An amendment to an NFPA document processed in accordance with Section 5 of the Regulations Governing Committee Projects. It has not gone through the entire codes and standards-making process of being published in a ROP and ROC for review and comment. TIAs are effective only between editions of the Document. A TIA automatically becomes a proposal of the proponent for the next edition of the Document, as such it then is subject to all of the procedures of the codes and standards making process. Published in NFPA News and any further distribution of the document, and sent to NFCSS, after being issued by the Standards Council.

Voting Member of the Association: A member of the Association permitted by the NFPA Bylaws (Article 3 and Section 4.5) to vote at Association Technical Meetings. (Regulations, 1.4)

In This Section
  • Performance-based codes These documents specifically state their safety goals and reference approved methods that can be used to demonstrate compliance with requirements.
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