Section objectives

In 1948, the NFPA Board of Directors authorized an Electrical Section of NFPA. The section provides particular opportunity for section members to become informed and to contribute to the development of NFPA electrical and fire alarm standards. For this purpose, it sponsors open meetings where proposals for revisions or additions to these standards may be discussed. Bulletins and reports on matters affecting the work of NFPA technical committees in this field are made available to members of the section through the executive secretary as the need indicates.

Activities, programs, and procedures of the NFPA Electrical Section shall be in accordance with the Regulations Governing NFPA Sections. Membership in the section is open to any member of the Association who qualifies in accordance with the following specifications. Each member of the section must be a member of NFPA who is licensed or certified to provide electrical services or fire alarm services, or whose primary responsibility includes one of the following:

  1. Engineering, manufacturing, testing, selling, regulating, certifying, or servicing of electrical or fire alarm products or electrical or fire alarm services.
  2. Designing, constructing, installing, testing, inspecting, maintaining, or approving electrical or fire alarm installations.
  3. Performing or teaching others to perform the electrical or fire alarm services noted in (a) or (b)

Membership in the Electrical Section is also open to any individual member of NFPA not meeting the preceding requirements, provided that person satisfies the requirements for membership on an NEC® code-making panel or NFAC committee as judged by the Executive Committee of the section.

To become a member of the Electrical Section, it is necessary to file a section membership application form with NFPA. (Forms are available on request.)

The Executive Secretary of the section keeps a record of the membership, notifies its members of section meetings and nominees for section office, and keeps members of the section informed on matters of interest.

The Chair of the section reports to the annual meeting of the section on the work of that committee and may take such other steps considered desirable to keep the section informed.

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