Section objectives

The Fire Science and Technology Educators Section was authorized by the NFPA Board of Directors on June 22, 1976 and organized on November 15, 1976.

Membership in the Fire Science and Technology Educators Section is contingent upon membership in NFPA and shall be limited to full and adjunct faculty, instructors, and administrators at institutions of higher education and such other persons as the Executive Board determines to be in the interest of the section.

Objectives of the section as set forth in its constitution are as follows:

  1. Advance professionalism in the field of fire protection, encouraging educational goals at institutions of higher education.
  2. Hold periodic meetings for the purpose of discussing problems and exchanging information of concern with members.
  3. Develop qualification guidelines for fire science and technology educators at institutions of higher education.
  4. Study, develop, and assess curriculum, teaching materials, and educational methods.
  5. Develop and disseminate information such as:
    • Directories of educational institutions, meetings, and courses in fire science and technology.
    • Technical advances in fire science.
  6. Stimulate and participate in research and development in furtherance of the objective of NFPA.
  7. Undertake such other projects as may be authorized in the interest of the section and NFPA.
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