Download the Industrial Fire Protection Section bylaws. (PDF 227 KB)

The Industrial Fire Protection Section of NFPA was authorized by the NFPA Board of Directors on June 21, 1965, and organized on October 1, 1965. Section membership is contingent upon membership in NFPA and is open to any employee of an industrial, institutional, or commercial entity who is actively engaged, either full-time or part-time, in the formulation, administration, or implementation of policies and procedures designed to provide fire protection for the employer’s facilities. Affiliate membership is available to individuals with an interest in the goals and objectives of the section. There are no dues or fees required of section members other than NFPA membership dues.

The objectives of the section as set forth in its constitution are as follows:

  1. Unite for mutual professional benefit those employees of industrial and certain other properties engaged full-time or part-time in fire protection, prevention, or suppression.
  2. Act as a central agency for the exchange of information among its members.
  3. Advance the interests of industry in the field of fire protection, prevention, and suppression.
  4. Stimulate awareness throughout industry of the need for continually improving industrial fire programs.
  5. Encourage participation by its members on the technical committees of the Association consistent with NFPA Regulations Governing Committee Projects.
  6. Prepare for publication by the Association such educational materials as may be most practicable and suitable for broadening the understanding of industrial managements and their employees.
  7. Advance and encourage the development of improved fire protection equipment, devices, and methods by pooling experience and correlating the recommendations of its members.
  8. Encourage industry to specify and purchase fire protection equipment on the basis of quality and performance.
  9. Bring to the attention of its members such matters of legislation and regulation as would be of obvious interest.
  10. Promote cooperation between industrial and public fire-fighting forces.
  11. Help industry achieve its primary goal of profitable operation by stimulating awareness of the total cost of fire.

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