Section objectives

Authorized in 1987 and organized in 1988, the Research Section of NFPA brings together persons involved in or interested in research related to fire safety, fire science, fire codes and standards, fire protection, and related areas. Its principal activity is the facilitation of communication between researcher and research user including what users need, what researchers have available, and what general strategies will lead to increased use of valid research.

This section was established to serve the interests of its membership in research on fire-related issues by the following:

  1. Facilitating communication between those who conduct fire research and those who use the results of such research.
  2. Facilitating communication by fire safety and fire protection practitioners of their needs that may be addressed by research.
  3. Facilitating communication by researchers of the applicability of their research to the mission of NFPA and other fire research user needs.
  4. Facilitating technology transfer to the codes and standards consensus process and other fire safety and fire protection decision-making processes.
  5. Identifying methods by which fire research can be more systematically applied to fire safety and fire protection decisions, including the codes and standards process.
  6. Facilitating communication among researchers on better ways to serve user needs and to plan and support research to serve those needs.
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