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Don JohnsonDonald M. Johnson of Walnut Creek, CA, passed away July 14 at 93. Johnson's professional career encompassed 37 years with Standard Oil of California/Chevron Corporation, where he rose to Corporate Chief Fire Protection Engineer, being responsible for their corporate fire protection programs worldwide.  He entered private consulting practice upon retirement.

Johnson’s service to NFPA began in 1964, when he was appointed to the Technical Committees on General Storage of Flammable Liquids (NFPA 30) and Transportation of Flammable Liquids (NFPA 385). Shortly after, he was appointed to the Correlating Committee on Flammable Liquids. He served on the Technical Committee on Transportation of Flammable Liquids until 1985 and on the Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code Committee (NFPA 30) until 1990. He chaired the latter from 1981 until 1990. He also initiated NFPA’s Technical Committee on Automotive and Marine Service Stations (NFPA 30A) in 1981, serving as its Chair until 1988 and actively participating on the project until 1990. Johnson also held life membership in the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the Western Fire Chiefs Association.

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