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Requests are forwarded to the NFPA Standards Council for a preliminary review. If deemed appropriate, the Council directs that a notice be published in NFPA News. This notice asks for information or resources on the subject matter, the names of those interested in participating on the Committee (if established), the names of other organizations actively involved with this subject, and whether there is a need for such a project. The Standards Council then reviews the proposed project/document and any public comments generated by the notice. If the Standards Council does determine the need for the proposed project it either assigns the project to an existing Technical Committee or establishes a new committee.

New projects

The NFPA Standards Council has received the following new project request and is currently soliciting comments by March 1, 2016:

The NFPA Standards Council has received the following new project request and is currently soliciting comments by February 1, 2016:

At its December 2015 meeting, the Standards Council reviewed the following new project:

  • Accelerant Detection Canines and Handlers
    The Council reviewed a request to develop a new document on Accelerant Detection Canines and Handlers from Troy Morrison, K9 handler.  This request was published to solicit comments from those interested in participating, resources available on the matter, and other organizations that may be actively involved with the subject matter.  After review of all of the material provided, the Council voted to not proceed with the establishment of a new project on Accelerant Detection Canines and Handlers at this time.  The Fire Investigations Committee has appointed a Task Group to determine if a chapter on accelerant detection canines and handlers can be added as a chapter to NFPA 921, Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations.

Draft documents

The preliminary draft of a proposed new NFPA Standard is made available to allow the public to view the drafts and submit public input. These preliminary drafts are works in progress and as such have no official status. They are available solely for use in submitting public input and are not intended for any other use. 

The public input closing date has passed for the following proposed new NFPA Standard (First Draft Report available: 9/8/2016):

  • NFPA 1858, Standard on Selection, Care, and Maintenance of Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Services

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