Trends and patterns of U.S. fire losses

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"Trends and Patterns of U.S. Fire Losses" report (PDF, 911 KB)

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Report: NFPA's "Trends and Patterns of U.S. Fire Losses" (PDF, 600 KB)
Author: Fire Analysis and Research Division
Issued: February 2016

Using data from the current and previous editions of the Fire Loss in the United States, this analysis shows trends in fires and associated losses over time. 


In 2014, only 4% of all fire department responses were to fires. Almost two-thirds (64%) were medical aid or rescue responses. Fire departments responded to 3.5 times as many medical aid or rescue calls in 2014 as in 1984. 

While total reported fires have continued to decline over the past 15 years, this is primarily due to a drop in the number of vehicle fires and outside and unclassified fires. The decline in structure fires has been much smaller. In 2014, structure fires accounted for 38% of reported fires, with home structure fires representing 28% of the total. Home structure fires caused 84% of all civilian fire deaths, 75% of civilian fire injuries, and 59% of total direct property damage. Vehicle fires accounted for 15% of the reported fires. Almost half (47%) of the reported fires were outside, non-structure, non-vehicle fires or other unclassified fires. 

U.S. Fire Incident Trends