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Fatalities and injuries


Firefighter Fatalities in the United States 
Overall statistics on line-of-duty firefighter fatalities, including non-incident-related deaths. Includes patterns, trends, career vs. volunteer comparisons, and brief narratives on selected incidents.

Firefighter Injuries in the United States 
The report includes statistics on line-of-duty firefighter injuries from NFPA's survey of fire departments, including non-incident-related injuries, trends, and brief narratives on selected incidents.

Patterns of Firefighter Fireground Injuries
Includes annual average estimates of injuries by such factors as type of injury, type of activity at time of injury, cause of injury by level of severity, occupancy where injury occurred, time of day and ages of injured firefighters.

U.S. Firefighter Deaths Related to Training, 2001-2010
Training is a vital part of fire department operations, but it too often results in unnecessary deaths and injuries. Between 2001-2010, 108 firefighters died while engaged in training-related activities (11.3 percent of all on-duty firefighter deaths in those years, not including the 340 deaths at the World Trade Center in 2001).

U.S. Volunteer Firefighter Injuries
An analysis of volunteer firefighter injuries comparing their experience to all firefighter injuries.