National Fire Data System Project

As NFPA seeks to provide greater resources to those who rely on us for critical information and knowledge to eliminate loss from fire and other hazards, we are working to further harness the power of data for our stakeholders, including the U.S. fire service.


Do you manage fire data efforts for your organization? We’d like to learn more about how you use data, the tools you use, and what resources you need.

In August of 2016, NFPA, with support from IAFF, IAFC, CPSE, NASFM, NVFC, and the Metro Chiefs, received funding from the AFG Fire Prevention and Safety Grants Program to develop a national fire data system (NFDS) that meets the priority needs of the U.S. fire service for quality local and national data for both operations and community risk reduction. It will be designed to be a resource for data to support a broad range of fire department decision making. 

Key steps include:
  • An assessment of the current landscape of data collection systems, and an assessment of the data needs of a broad range of fire service stakeholders 
  • Leveraging the substantial assets and learnings from the NFORS project related to operational data
  • Working collaboratively with the AFG funded FireCares project team as they continue to amass data assets for that system
  • Assessing user interface and reporting requirements for front end data collection and backend database design.

The ultimate goal of NFDS is to create a flexible, scalable, and usable data exchange platform that captures fire department activities beyond simply documenting incidents to improve overall how data are collected and used in local communities. 

The current grant funding is designed to establish the groundwork for the NFDS, and develop the underlying data system and application requirements.

Check back to this page for updates on the project and contact to provide input.