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  • October 2016
    Fire Loss in the United States during 2015; Development of Fire Mitigations Solutions for PV Systems Installed on Building Roofs; Most home fires result from five general causes; Fire Safety Challenges of Tall Wood Buildings
  • June/July 2016
    Environmental and economic impact of fire: Every fire – whether it's a single–family home fire or a large commercial one – yields an environmental and economic impact on the community. Find out exactly what those impacts are, and how they can be better mitigated.
  • March/April 2016
    Symposium on Fire Protection for a Changing World: Stay informed and up-to-date! Attend the Symposium on Fire Protection for a Changing World. Learn about the latest global research on tall wood buildings, lithium-ion batteries, wind turbine fire protection, big data for fire protection and more.
  • January/February 2016
    Mark your calendars! The 2016 Fire Suppression, Detection and Signaling Symposium

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