• January/February 2014 Health Care Occupancies

    This health care-themed issue includes features on barrier separations in hospitals and other health care occupancies, and on a new book detailing the impact of Hurricane Katrina on a New Orleans hospital. Our cover story examines the usefulness—and the potential pitfalls—of social media during large-scale emergencies.

  • May / June 2014 Conference + Expo preview

    In this issue we bring you complete coverage of the upcoming NFPA C+E in Las Vegas, from timely codes and standards topics to an A–Z listing of expo exhibitors.

  • July / August 2014 Assembly Occupancies

    In this issue we profile Jim Shannon, NFPA's outgoing president, and look at his legacy as the "digital president." PLUS: animal technical rescue, new concerns around interior finishes, Levi's Stadium, and more.

  • March / April 2014 Industrial + Storage Occupancies

    In this issue we take a look at a new study on the importance of fire sprinklers in industrial occupancies, and the updates to NFPA 32, Dry Cleaning Plants. Our cover story examines the aftermath of a massive explosion at a Texas fertilizer facility.


  • November/December 2013

    For this issue’s “suppression and detection” focus, we look at the review process currently underway for NFPA 25 and at some of the new provisions in NFPA 72 that address the use of Ethernets and other computer networks to carry fire alarm signals. The issue also includes excerpted versions of the 2012 firefighter injury and large-loss fires reports, as well as a timely commentary on the U.S. wildfire problem by NFPA President Jim Shannon.

  • September/October 2013

    In addition to furniture flammability, we look at the role of the fire service in integrated responses to mass-casualty shootings. Plus, an interview on corrosion in dry-pipe sprinkler systems in cultural resource occupancies.

  • NFPA Journal Cover - July/August 2013
    July/August 2013 Assembly Occupancies

    In addition to our cover story on MNS at Circuit of the Americas, we take a close look at the creation of a new guide for event safety. Plus, an update from the annual meeting in Chicago.

  • May / June 2013 A preview of the NFPA Conference & Expo

    Special report: The 40th anniversary of America Burning; NIST's study on firefighter crew size and high-rise fires replaces anecdote with solid data; Changes to the new editions of NFPA 25 and the NEC

  • March / April 2013 Industrial + Storage Occupancies

    Why so much depends on NFPA-certified marine chemists; Duane Pearsall and his accidental smoke detector; 'Mommy's on fire. Call 911'

  • January / February 2013 Health Care Occupancies issue

    Health Care Facilities: Prepping for the Worst; 50 Years of Nursing Home Life Safety Improvements; Rebuilding a Hospital in Joplin, Missouri


  • November / December 2012 A Night to Remember

    Cocoanut Grove Coalition forms on the 70th anniversary of the imfamous club fire; an update of the fire and life safety risks associated with green buildings; and the 2011 Large-Loss Fires and Firefighter Injuries.

  • September / October 2012 Confined + Endangered

    Lessons learned from the Comayagua, Honduras prison fire; The costliest wildfire in Colorado history; 2011 Fire Loss in the United States report; and the Catastrophic Multiple-Death Fires in 2011.

  • July / August 2012 The Rebirth of Fenway

    Fire and life safety upgrades at Boston's Fenway Park; Integrating safety and historic preservation on the Statue of Libery; Emergency preparation at live events; 2011 firefighter fatalities.

  • May / June 2012 Vegas Sized Preview

    The new Digital Edition of the NFPA Journal; 13 questions about sprinkler systems; A 2012 NFPA Conference & Expo preview; Updating fire fighter safety standards.

  • March / April 2012 Elemental Questions

    Hazard analysis: lithium-ion batteries and fire safety; detection in high-challenge warehouses; A conversation with U.S. Fire Administrator Ernest Mitchell, Jr.

  • January / February 2012 The Dangers of Too Much Stuff

    Fire dangers associated with "hoarding"; Preventing operating room fires; NFPA 418, Heliports; Common design, maintenance, and operational deficiencies of health care occupancies in the Life Safety Code.


  • Special Bonus Issue: NFPA + Wildfire Working Together

    Teaching homeowners, builders, firefighters, and community leaders how to prepare home to resist ignition from wildland fire; Scrutinizing the stay-and-defend or leave-early models; Environmental factors of wildfire

  • November / December 2011 The Making of a Standard

    The making of NFPA 56(PS); U.S. firefighter injuries in 2010; 2010 large-loss fires; NFPA 13 and permissable spinkler omissions.

  • September / October 2011 A Decade of Difference

    September 11 and NFPA codes/standards; Sparky the Fire Dog turns 60; Catastrophic multi-death fires in 2010 and the annual Fire Loss in the U.S. report.

  • July / August 2011 Warehouse Challenge

    Three approaches to fixed fire protection in large warehouses; Improving life safety in assembly occupancies; Unwanted fire alarms; and the 2010 Firefighter Fatality report.

  • May / June 2011 New Edition

    Proposed changes to the Life Safety and Fire Codes; The "Great Boston Molasses Flood"; SCB and OSHA join NFPA to shape dust hazard safety codes; Walking Boston's fire trail.

  • March / April 2011 The Triangle Fire, 100 Years Later

    The Triangle Fire, 100 Years Later; New study compares sprinklered vs. non-sprinklered homes; the effect of high-volume, low-speed fans on sprinkler performance.

  • January / February 2011 Our EVs, Ourselves

    Safety training for electric vehicles; Changes to NFPA 101; Kids and safety messaging; and a preview of the 2011 NFPA Conference + Expo.


  • November / December 2010 "We Had To Get It Right"

    Fire protection systems for the Capitol Visitor Center; NFPA's new Faces of Fire campaign; Firefighter injuries in 2009; Large-loss fires in 2009.

  • September / October 2010 The Big Picture

    Emergency preparedness on college campuses; 2009 U.S. Fire Loss Report; Catastrophic Multiple-Death Fires in 2009; Interview with new NFPA Board of Directors chairman Tom Jaeger.

  • July / August 2010 NFPA + Disabilities: Where We've Been, Where We Are, Where We're Going

    NFPA + disabilities; Designing smoke control at Dulles International Airport; 2009 Firefighter Fatality report; Crowd-control training programs.

  • May / June 2010 "Capital of the New World"

    Tour of the fire protection systems at CityCenter; Provisions to the NEC addressing renewable energy; Lessons learned from the Monte Carlo fire.

  • March / April 2010 Refining the Process

    Safety at the Imperial Sugar refinery; Electic vehicle safety; The new NFPA 654; NFPA's new wildland fire head.

  • January / February 2010 Remembering Santika

    The Santika nightclub fire; NFPA 99 and wet work areas; NFPA codes and nursing homes; 2010 Conference preview.


  • November / December 2009 Which Way For Green?

    Integrating residential fire sprinklers and local water supplies; NFPA codes and nuclear power; 2008 Firefighter Injury and Large-Loss Reports.

  • September / October 2009 Fire and Vacant Homes

    Vacant home fires; campus emergency communications; the latest on the new NFPA 72; the 2008 Catastrophic Multi-Death Fire Report.

  • July / August 2009 Lightweight Construction

    Lightweight construction; the 2008 Firefighter Fatalities report; elevator evacuation; and how the DHS uses NFPA codes and stardards.

  • May / June 2009 Editor's Welcome

    2009 World Safety Conference & Exposition: code updates, revisions to NFPA 72, education sessions, a preview of the Fermilab tour, and the creation of the Hazardous Material Code.

  • March / April 2009 The Case for Home Fire Sprinklers

    The case for home fire sprinklers, the firefighting challenges of mega storage occupancies, and the future of the U.S. fire service.

  • January / February 2009 NFPA 99 - Under The Knife

    Upgrades to NFPA 99 - Health Care Facilities, the dangers of smoking and medical oxygen, and how to measure NFPA code compliance.


  • November / December 2008 Dust Explosions

    Dust explosions, Integrated Building Systems, the EQ recycling center fire, and reports on Large-Loss Fires and Firefighter Injuries for 2007.

  • September / October 2008 The Lake View School Fire

    The Lake View School Fire, 2008 U.S. Fire Loss Report, Campus Fire Safety, and how AFCI's can ehance home safety.

  • July / August 2008 Akron Airdock Fire

    Life safety challenges with the new Airbus A380 passenger jet; Tunnel fire detection project; and the 2007 U.S. Firefighter Fatality Report.

  • May / June 2008 Safety Center Stage

    2008 World Safety Conference & Exposition; Pushing the boundaries of fire protection at Las Vegas theatres; and the Monte Carlo Hotel Casino Fire.

  • March / April 2008 Welcome to the Bird's Nest

    Constructing the National Stadium for the 2008 Olympics; NFPA statistics on sprinkler performance; Fire testing ethanol; and Hazmat responder training.

  • January / February 2008 A Tragedy Foretold: The TAM Airlines Disaster

    The TAM Airlines disaster in Brazil; An NFPA report carbon monoxide poisoning; Previewing the 2008 WSC&E.