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Front Burner

By Fred Durso, Jr., Staff WriterNFPA Journal®, July/August 2013
Commercial products designed to reduce cooking fires-the primary cause of home structure fires-have so far failed to go mainstream, but research efforts to develop testing standards for the devices hope to reverse that trend.

Fire Safety on College Campuses

By Jim Shannon, President & CEO, NFPA
NFPA Journal®, Sept/Oct 2008
Anyone who has sent a son or daughter off to college will tell you how exciting it is to watch a child take that big step toward realizing his or her dreams. But it is also a little scary. We do the best we can to make sure our kids are prepared for the independent lives they are about to start. And that means discussing many different issues aimed at making sure our children will be safe after leaving home.

Safe Cookin’ Cooking Fire Prevention Technologies

By Kathleen Almand, VP of Research and Executive Director of the Fire Protection Research Foundation
NFPA Journal®, Jan/Feb 2012
A lot has been written about the challenges facing new-product entry into the construction marketplace. The labor and training-intensive nature of the field, the relatively slow pace of product turnover, and the plethora of regulations governing this market are a few of the many barriers to entry for new products. The Foundation recently conducted a project to look at a relatively new technological approach to reducing cooking fires, the country’s leading cause of fire injuries. The project was technical in nature, but it illustrated the new-product entry barriers in the residential construction market.

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