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National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

A worthwhile effort

"Without that NFPA grant sponsored by State Farm, we would never have attempted a Drake Wildfire Preparedness picnic for our community. I am proud of the amount of planning and organization that went into it, how various community members stepped up to help, and the participation of representatives of key agencies for our area ... Neighbors met neighbors for the first time, and the most important takeaway for me is that we CAN accomplish this sort of thing in our spread-out community."

Laura Emerson
Drake, CO

2017 Wildfire Community Preparedness Day banner

Sponsored by State FarmSave the date to work on projects that help your community become safer from wildfire. For the fourth year, NFPA is partnering with State Farm to provide up to 150 project awards of $500 each. Check back on January 9 to apply. In the meantime, check out our project resources, including advice on how to prepare your grant application, template press releases, project ideas and more. What will you accomplish on Wildfire Community Preparedness Day?

In 2016, communities came together and accomplished incredible things with their awards. Check out their success stories for inspiration.

Project resources

Promote your 2017 Wildfire Community Preparedness Day activities! Use these tools and resources to make outreach fast and easy.

  • Best practices for your project grant application
    Applications will be accepted starting on January 9. Take steps to develop an outstanding work plan (PDF) for a project that can make your project more successful and create a grant request that clearly outlines the outstanding project you and your community want to complete. 
  • Safety tips and safety gear
    Before starting a project, it’s important to review our safety tips and safety gear (PDF). Each participant needs to be familiar with the information. Always leave power equipment tasks to trained adults.
  • Customizable flyer
    The Preparedness Day customizable flyer (DOCX) provides an opportunity to add local event information. Download the flyer, fill in your project details and start distributing today! If you’re a recognized Firewise community, projects may serve as, or supplement, the annual Firewise Day event required for renewals.
  • News release
    Use this news release template (PDF) to announce your community is participating in Wildfire Community Preparedness Day.
  • Logo
    The Wildfire Community Preparedness Day logo can be used to promote local campaign efforts. Download the logo (jpg).
  • Social media
    Use the hashtag #WildfirePrepDay and share your project on Twitter. Promote involvement in your community by using these pre-written Twitter and Facebook posts on your social media pages.
  • Web/E-mail banners
    Add the Wildfire Community Preparedness web banner to your site or event’s landing page.

Motivate neighbors and community members to work together to make where they live a safer place from wildfire.

NFPA and State Farm are pleased to support the 2016 Wildfire Community Preparedness Day campaign, but have not assessed or evaluated any of the community projects, activities or initiatives. Recognition of any kind in no way implies endorsement or approval of a project, its safety or effectiveness, and the supporters disclaim all liability in connection with any such project, activity or initiative.

In This Section
  • Success stories Read about some successful projects from the 2016 Prep Day.