Published on August 11, 2010

Nightclubs/Dance halls

NFPA Case Study: Nightclub Fires
NFPA members:  Download this nightclub report(PDF 3 MB)

Dance Hall Fire, Natchez, MS, 4/23/40, 207 fatalities.
NFPA members: Download this Natchez, MS report(PDF, 940 KB)

Cocoanut Grove Night Club, Boston, MA, 11/28/42, 492 fatalities.
NFPA members: Download this Boston, MA report(PDF, 6.3 MB)

The Upstairs Lounge, New Orleans, LA, 6/24/73, 32 fatalities.
NFPA members: Download this New Orleans, LA report(PDF, 2.1 MB)

Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire, Southgate, KY, 5/28/77, 165 fatalities
NFPA members: Download this Southgate, KY report(PDF, 7.3 MB)

Private Club, Indianapolis, IN, 2/5/92, 3 fatalities.
NFPA members: Download this Indianapolis, IN report(PDF, 3.2 MB)
All visitors: Summary in Spanish (PDF, 15 KB) 

Dance Hall Fire, Gothenburg, Sweden 10/28/98, 63 fatalities.
NFPA members: Download this Gothenburg, Sweden report(PDF 1 MB)
All visitors: Summary in English (PDF, 232 KB) and Spanish (PDF, 18 KB) 


Restaurant, Seaside Park, NJ, 7/30/85.
NFPA members: Download this Seaside Park, NJ report(PDF, 373 KB)

Restaurant, Derby, CT, 12/6/85, 6 fatalities.
NFPA members: Download this Derby, CT report(PDF, 429 KB)

Restaurant, Boston, MA, 8/31/95.
NFPA members: Download this Boston, MA report(PDF, 1.1 MB)
All visitors: Summary in Spanish (PDF, 6 KB) 


Church, St. Louis, MO, 4/28/94.
NFPA members: Download this St. Louis, MO report(PDF, 987, KB)
All visitors: Summary in Spanish (PDF, 5 KB) 

School, Pangnirtung, Canada, 3/9/97.
NFPA members: Download this Pangnirtung, Canada report(PDF 1.5 MB)
All visitors: Summary in English (PDF, 51 KB) and Spanish (PDF, 19 KB) 

Church, Lake Worth, TX, 2/15/99, 3 fatalities.
NFPA members: Download this Lake Worth, TX report (PDF, 967 KB)
All visitors: Summary in English (PDF, 196 KB) and Spanish (PDF, 19 KB)

Stadiums/Amusement parks

Amusement Facility, Six Flags, Jackson, NJ, 5/11/84, 8 fatalities.
NFPA members: Download this Jackson, NJ report(PDF, 784 KB)

Soccer Stadium Fire, Bradford, UK, 5/11/85, 56 fatalities.
NFPA members: Download this Bradford, UK report(PDF, 2.9 MB)

Stadium Fires (two), 10/13/93.
NFPA members: Download this report(PDF, 1.3 MB)


Iroquois Theater, Chicago, IL, 12/30/03, 602 fatalities.
All visitors: Download a free overview (PDF, 408 KB) from NFPA Journal®, July/August 1995. 


Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus tent, Hartford, CT, 7/6/44, 168 fatalities.
All visitors: Download a free overview (PDF, 623 KB)  from NFPA's The Quarterly, July 1944.

Community Center, Yonkers, NY, 12/20/65.
NFPA members: Download this May 1966 Fire Journal article. (PDF,582 KB) 

Central Library, Los Angeles, CA, 4/29/86.
NFPA members: Download this Los Angeles, CA report(PDF, 1.7 MB)

Airport Terminal Fire, Düsseldorf, Germany, 4/11/96, 17 fatalities.
NFPA members: Download this Dusseldorf, Germany report(PDF, 5.9 MB)
All visitors: Summary in English (PDF, 60 KB), Spanish (PDF, 58 KB), French (PDF, 59 KB), and German (PDF, 60 KB)  

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